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3,000 years of wine-making history prove that South Tyrol's grapes have always inspired wine lovers. Take the Romans, for instance, who transported wine in iron-wrapped barrels to the imperial court. Or the Franconian and Bavarian cloisters, which bought one South Tyrolean wine-growing estate after another. Even under Austrian rule, South Tyrolean wine cultivation was supported for more than 600 years.

Culturonda® Wine does much more than illuminate the history of wine-growing. It also directs you to places and opportunities where you can experience South Tyrolean wine and wine culture in person. For example, the various wine teaching trails in the village of Kaltern, along the South Tyrolean Wine Road.

Culturonda® Wine also introduces wine-growing estates and master wine-makers who produce exquisite wines, and set them in context, wheter through striking modern architecture, or via a juxtraposition with historical and contemporary art. Over the past few years, several prominent architects have created true wine temples, while artists have transformed these buildings and wine cellars into something extraordinary.


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Bookable offers on the South Tyrolean Wine Road:

  • WineSafari (in German & Italian language)
  • Wine & Bike (in German & Italian language)
  • Wine & Architecture (in German & Italian language)

For groups we offer also english speaking guides.

Winepass & Winepass PLUS

Combines the Mobilcard and various wine offers along the South Tyrolean Wine Road.





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