What is the South Tyrolean Wine Road?


What is the South Tyrolean Wine Road and who is part of it?

The South Tyrolean Wine Road stands for Wine, Tourism, Culture and Economy.
It is unique to the South Tyrol, and full of tradition.

The 'Südtiroler Weinstraße' (South Tyrolean Wine Road) is a independent organization made up of 16 towns and villages along the Wine Road, their tourist board offices, wine-growing estates, the 'wein.kaltern' initiative and the village communities of the Upper Etsch - Lowlands region.

What is the purpose of the Wine Road?

The South Tyrolean Wine Road is a resource and a contact point for anything and everthing related to South Tyrolean wine. It serves as a point of coordination for tourism and the wine economy, for organizing events along the Wine Road. It also aids in the development of advertising campaigns, assists with the planning of a variety of projects, and assists in the formation of partnerships with wine-growing regions in other countries.

What are the aims of the South Tyrolean Wine Road?

It is our aim to form a network for promotes tourism and the South Tyrolean wine economy, and in so going, promote the Wine Road in the best possible way to markets both inside our country and abroad.

In order to achieve this goal and to further its uniqueness, we initiated several projects:

  • Signposting of the Wine Road. Highly visisble and engaging signs alsong the Wine Road and its towns and villages will help increasse awareness of the unique wine-growing region.
  • Vino in Festa and the Wine Cellar Night. Since 2007, we have been organizing 'Vino in Festa and the Wine Cellar Night'. A varied programme focusing on the topic of wine invites to taste, enjoy and get to know each other or simply linger in the historically and architectonically special villages. Periodically, we organize wine events wine along the South Tyrolean Wine Road that offer unique wine and gastronomical experiences to locals and tourists alike.
  • WineSafari. The WineSafari offers a fascinating one day expedition through the mysterious Landscape of South Tyrolean wine culture. Whoever dares to venture into this world of wine knowledge, will surely reward the senses with intensive taste and tremendous natural eyperiences.
  • NEW! The Winepass. With the Winepass you can participate at an attractive wine programme along the entire South Tyrolean Wine Road on three or seven consecutive days and it allows you to make full use of the South Tyrol's Integrated Public Transport network.



Winepass & Winepass PLUS

Combines the Mobilcard and various wine offers along the South Tyrolean Wine Road.





Südtiroler Weinstraße / South Tyrolean Wine Road
Pillhofstraße 1
I-39057 Frangart-Eppan (BZ)

Tel. 0039 0471 860 659
E-Mail info@suedtiroler-weinstrasse.it

VAT number: IT02209510219






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