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One of the most rewarding ways to experience South Tyrol is on a bicycle, on traffic-free, cycle paths that follow the course of the River Etsch, or built on former railway tracks. These easy-pedaling byways take riders through vineyards and orchards stretching as far as the eye can see, through shady woodlands and colourful meadows, and along the shore of refreshing bathing lakes. Riding through South Tyrol in spring, when all of the trees are in blossom, is particulary breathtaking.

The South Tyrolean Wine Road offers cyclists unlimited opportunity to enjoy nature from the saddle of a bike, as well as the chance to get some exercise while exploring the region. Most of the villages in South Tyrpl's apple and wine region lie in the Etsch Valley or on one of the rolling hills. The area is therefore especially suitable for cyclists young or old, and for the whole family.


Guided Bike Tours



Every Monday at 2 p.m. short guided excursion
Every Friday at 9 a.m. guided one-day excursion


Every Friday at 9 a.m. in Auer
Every Saturday in Neumarkt
Guided tour for young and old

Information at the local Tourist Offices.


Bike Tours

Etsch Valley, from Vilpiano/Vilpian to Sigmundskron/Castelfirmiano:

  • Length: approx. 25km
  • Differenz in altitude (DA): approx. 25m
  • Starting and finishing point (SF): Terlan or Vilpian
  • Easy bike tour along the traffic free path at the side of the river and through the orchards.

Around Lake Montiggl:

  • Length: approx. 20km
  • DA: approx. 200 m
  • SF: Eppan or Kaltern
  • Medium difficulty tour with several inclines, partly tarmac, quiet farm roads and forest paths, through vineyards, woods and past the lake.

Around Mitterberg:

  • Length: 40km
  • DA: approx. 200m
  • SF: Leifers/Laives
  • This tour requires a bit of stamina but is not too difficult, along the bike path by the river, and back along the quiet farm roads by Lake Kaltern through orchard and vineyards.

Around Lake Kaltern:

  • Length: approx. 20km
  • DA: approx. 35m
  • SF: Lake Kaltern
  • This is an easy tour with small inclines along quiet tarmac farm roads around the lake, and through the preserved wetland area and orchards (end of April is blossom time!)

Bike tour through the lowlands:

  • Length: approx. 25, 30 or 40km (depending on where you start)
  • DA: approx. 15-50m
  • SF: Auer; Neumarkt;
  • Easy tour for the whole family along the new bike path beside the river, and along quiet farm roads and orchards (end of April is blossom time!)

Montan - Kaltenbrunn/Fontanefredde:

  • Length: approx. 10km (one way)
  • DA: approx. 450m
  • Starting Point: Montan
  • Finishing Point: Kaltenbrunn
  • A medium difficulty tour along the quiet rural road where the Val di Fiemme train used to run, to Kaltenbrunn. Returns the same way or along the main road.

Winepass & Winepass PLUS

Combines the Mobilcard and various wine offers along the South Tyrolean Wine Road.





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