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Bolzano/Bozen, a town of wines.

It is not easy to resist the allure of Bolzano/Bozen: from the medieval town centre, whose architecture blends Nordic and Mediterranean accents, and the Belle Époque atmosphere of Piazza Walther, to the hustle and bustle of vendors in the via dei Portici/Laubengasse and in the adjoining streets, and the market stalls of Piazza delle Erbe/Obstplatz, where one can find the choicest fruits and vegetables. From art and architecture, to castles and museums, to its cosmopolitan mix of Central European and Mediterranean culture, Bolzano/Bozen exerts an unique appeal.
Of particular interest to tourists are the Gothic frescoes in the old churches, the altarpieces and oil patintings of the 15th-century artist Michael Pacher, the 4,300-years-old mummy of 'Ötzi', the Iceman, who rests now, surrounded by an almost religious silence in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, the medieval profane frescoes of Castel Roncolo/Schloss Runkelstein, and the Renaissance frescoes of Castel Mareccio/Schloss Maretsch.

The promenades with Mediterranean vegetation interlacing the residential quarters, the bright green colour of the gardens and vineyards amidst the houses, the three cable cars which in less than ten minutes convey visitors up to the mountains that surrounds the town, all give Bolzano/Bozen a unique rural and alpine character.

A few days' stay in Bolzano/Bozen offers an intimate look its environment, its culture and its precious works of art, as well as many opportiunities to taste traditional cuisine and famous native wines like Lagrein and Santa Maddalena.

Lagrein has been cultivated since the Middle-Ages. Its colour is dark red with ruby reflections, the taste is rich with delicate fruits flavours and slightly smoky and chocolatey nuances.
Santa Maddalena owes its name to the vineyards located on the sunny slopes just above the town of Bolzano/Bozen. This red wine is made from Schiava grapes, although small amounts of Lagrein and Pinot Nero may be added to obtain a harmonious and well-balanced wine with a beautiful purple colour and flavours of ripe cherries, violet and almonds.


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