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  • Alcohol
    Is the product of the alcoholic fermentation of sugar (fructose and glucose) by yeast. The reaction of yeast upon sugar results in its conversion to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Alcohol can be sensed as a warming feeling at the rear of the pharyngeal cavity. 
  • Aroma
    One of the scent elements of a wine. Often associated with the grape variety. You can speak of a complex wine if the aroma is very varied. Aromas can be very different from each other:
    Fruity aromas (stone-fruit, pip fruit and berry fruit, jam, boiled fruit,...)
    Floral aromas (elder, violets,...) Vegetal aromas (ivy, grass, ...)
    Animal-like aromas (leather, fur, stable scents, ....) Spicy aromas (herbs like pepper, cloves, liquorice, ...)
    Lactic notes (butter, cheese rind, yoghurt, ...) Mineralic notes (petrol character, flintstone,....)
    Chemical notes (varnish, medical characteristics, ...) The best way to learn how to distinguish different aromas is to experience the world with an "open" nose - try to smell things more intensively and to recognize various scents.
  • Aftertaste
    The lingering or duration of a wine's taste in the mouth after the wines has been swallowed. Only comfortable sensations are considered. A lengthy persistence of flavour may be taken as a sign of quality.
  • Astringent
    The stringent effect on the palate of a wine containing a high amount of tannins. Tannins are often found in grape skins, pips and stalks.The sensorial effect corresponds to the taste of an immature persimmon or other immature fruits.
  • Acidity
    Refers to a component of taste naturally occurring in grapes. It becomes an import factor in the wine's flavour and taste. Natural acids are tartaric, malic and citric acids. More acids develop during fermentation (lactic acid, formic acid, succinic acid, volatile acidity...).



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