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Peter Zemmer Winery

Since the establishment of our family business in 1928 the winery Peter Zemmer has been producing top-quality wines on finest estates in and around Cortina s.s.d.v. in Alto Adige - South Tyrol.... more


The name "Thurnhof" means 'close to a tower' and was first documented in 1175. It was situated beneath the castle 'Weinegg' and was subject to the Lords of Weinegg. Recently the Vigilius chapel,... more

Winery A. von Elzenbaum

As one of the oldest home-made winery we cultivate local wines. The care of our vineqards close to the nature and the traditional processing of the grapes guarantee high quality natural... more

Cantina Girlan

Since 1925, the Girlan Winery Cooperative, Girlan's first wine producer, has been in this typical Überetsch (Upper Adige) wine-growing estate. Modern cellar technology and optimal storage... more

Kellerei an der Salurner Klause

The winery 'Kellerei an der Salurner Klause' is run by the Ceolan family for already 60 years. There are being cultivated six different types of red and white wines. You can taste and purchase... more

Cantina Andriano

"Tradition in motion" - Steeped in time-honored traditions, and dedicated to finding new ways to preserve these traditions for the future - this is the motto of Cantina Andriano, founded... more

Estates Loacker

The South Tyrolean family, Loacker, has been tending its vineyards strictly according to bio-dynamic and homeopathic principles since 1978. According to Rainer Loacker: “Since I was a child... more

Sekt- und Weinkellerei Braunbach

As from 1200 in possesion of the bishop from brixen the former monastery has been given to the Teutonic Order and today it is a winery of high-ranking position. tip: The alto Adige sparkling wine... more

Clemens Waldthaler Estate

The estate lies at the heart of the Lagrein and Pinot Nero area in the historic village centre of Auer: it is run by Clemens Waldthaler, the seventh generation of his family to do so. The high... more


  The history of the Rynnhof can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In 1438 the indication of origin "an der Rynnen" appeared for the first time in a document. The property probably takes... more

Weingut & Landgasthof Seeperle

  Since 2013 all grapes of our vineyards are processed in our new winery. Arthur Rainer believes in innovative, modern and honest cellar technology. His wines are authentic and l... more

J. Brigl

Wine is our passion  Since the 14th century, our name has been synonymous with wine grape growing and winemaking tradition. Only carefully selected grapes from the very best vineyards... more

Cantina Bolzano

Two historical wineries intrinsically linked with the town...... the Gries winery (founded in 1908) and Santa Maddalena winery (founded in 1930) joined forces in 2001 to form the Cantina Produttori... more

Cantina Spumanti Lorenz Martini

Our vineyards Our vineyards are situated in Cornaiano, Appiano-Monte and Cologna near San Genesio. We exclusively use grapes of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir which grow on 500-800m above... more

Cantina San Michele Appiano

St. Michael Eppan, the innovative Winery situated along the Wine Route, is considered one of the best wineries in South Tyrol and Italy. St. Michael Eppan Winery, with its 350 members, 380... more

Vinery Lentsch

Two vineyards with one thing in common - On the one hand is the traditional H. Lentsch estate in Branzoll in the Unterland, with its all-round wines that are noted for their high quality and... more

Erste + Neue Kaltern

The year 1900 marked an important milestone in the history of the wine economy of Kaltern: seventy wine growers in Kaltern united to form the “Erste Kellereigenossenschaft”,... more

Cortaccia Winery

Kurtatsch is located in one of the hottest spots of Italy and, as a result, is predestined for the production of good red and white wines. The area of cultivation ranges from 200 to 900 metres... more

Castel Turmhof Tiefenbrunner

Entiklar is situated in the southern part of South Tyrol (Unterland), where the wine road winds gently through the most attractive vineyards in the region. In this small hamlet, belonging to the... more


The 'Messnerhof', a small winery that is specialized in the production of high-quality wine. It is situated in St. Peter, at the outskirts of Bozen/Bolzano and in the middl of the wine-growing... more

Wine Estate Pfitscher

Our family has a long history of winemaking. A tradition dating back to 1861. Around ten years ago, my wife Monika and I have dedicated our work to the vinification of high-quality wines. In the... more

Castel Sallegg

The noble culture of the wine. To know and taste a wine is not only allegorical but also a cultural experience which continues customs and traditions over the years. This lively vigour around... more

Winery Martin Teutsch

The family winery process red wines like Lagrein, Merlot, Cabernet and amongst other the Schiava and the Gewürztraminer (the only white wine). The 'Teroldego', which grows here till 100 years,... more

Wine Estate & Monastery Cellar Muri-Gries

Muri-Gries was created in 1845 when Benedictine monks from Muri in the Swiss county of Aargau were forced to leave their monastery and move to Gries. With the arrival of the monks a new phase in... more


Griesbauerhof, located where the Val d'Isarco opens into the broad basin of Bolzano, has been owned by the Mumelter family since 1785. 300 meters above sea level at the foot of the picturesque... more


The Pfannenstielhof is a family-run business with a century-old winemaking tradition. Our winery was first documented in 1561. In our wine production we exclusively use our own grapes in order to... more

Winery Nals Margreid

An outline of wine culture In the vineyards of the Kellerei Nals Margreid a wide range of local varieties are grown. They are protected by the Alps in the North and warmed by Mediterranean... more

Hofkellerei Willi & Gerlinde Walch

Selected wines for wine lovers. The HOFKELLEREI is situated in the southern part of Tramin and is owned and run by the married couple Willi and Gerlinde Walch supported by daughter Ingun graduated... more

Wine-growing estate Stroblhof

In the mid-19th century, Stoblhof began producing wine that was served to guests who visited this maso. In a simple settting, these guests also enjoyed the farm's local specialities like speck,... more

Winery Unterhofer

  The small family-run winery tries to cultivate their steep hillsides in harmony with the nature. At the end that what shines in the bottles golden and ruby-red is the result of hard... more

Distillery Fischerhof

Since 100 of years in the in-house distillery were processed the pomace of the own grapes to high-quality Grappas and different fruits to excellent brandies and... more


The Kandlerhof is located in St. Magdalena, near Bolzano/Bozen, in the midst of one of the most beautiful wine villages of the area. The farm includes 2 ha vineyard in St. Magdalena and 2.5 ha of... more

Winery Ritterhof

The Winery - Embedded in the midst of mountains and vineyards along the South Tyrolean Wine-Road there is the wine-village called Kaltern, and it is precisely here, at Wine-Road Nr.1 is situated... more

Distillery Alfons Walcher

Our fruit brands and grappa have typical character of the region and varietal purity. We are especially proud of our organic products: fruit liqueurs, grappa and herbal liqueurs produced from... more


The family winery produce wines of selected grapes with traditional methods. Taste the special quality of our Chardonnay, the Gewürztraminer, the Kalterersee Auslese, the Lagrein and the... more


'Rooted in the earth', that's an accurate description of the way we are. Every ounce of our experience, soul and energy has been invested in our wines, the Pinot Nero Riserva and the... more

Vineyard Larcherhof

The vineyard ‘Larcherhof' has been in the possession of the Egger-Spögler family since 1893. The history of the ‘Larcherhof' as a vineyard can be traced back for centuries. A... more

Roner Distillery

The Roner distillery is situated among sunny orchards and vineyards, in the south of South Tyrol, in the wine-growing village of Tramin, it is a family managed company, mainly distils exclusive... more

Colterenzio Winery

Colterenzio Winery was founded by 28 vintners  in 1960. Over the years other passionate viticulturalists from diversified micro-zones in the area joined the collective, and today nearly 300... more

Wine-growing estate Peter Sölva & sons

Since 1731 ten family generations have dedicated themselves to the care of our cultural heritage vineyard. Exactly for this reason the selection of our best grape qualities carry the names of... more

J. Hofstätter

Visitors to the headquarters and winery of the Josef Hofstätter estate find themselves in the main square of a bustling large village with the municipal hall, bars and the village church. The... more

Winery Malojer-Gummerhof

The Malojer-Gummerhof winery is run today as a family business dedicated to the production of unfailingly top-quality wines on the basis of many years of practical experience combined with... more

Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder is a synonym for the highest standard of quality in viticulture and winemaking, for a sustainable, holistic corporate philosophy, and for a wide spectrum of cultural and artistic... more

L. PSENNER Distillery

Tradition and passion   Each drop of fine marc and fruit brandy is an expression of dedication and passion. The Psenner family discovers this unique world with ability since it’s... more

Klaus Lentsch winery

Klaus Lentsch winery, a premium wine estate, has found a top place in San Paolo-Appiano for its new cellar. The range of wine from three different Alto Adige wine-growing areas (Vall'Isarco,... more

Cantina Terlano

Long life, complexity and character - these are the primary features of Cantina Terlano's quality wines. This is due primarily to the high mineral content of the Terlano soils, which has positive... more

Unterganzner Estate

The Mayr-Unterganzner estate In the year 1629 Simon Mayr "Kuchenmayr" from Völs am Schlern purchased the Unterganznerhof. The Mayr family have lived and worked there for more than 10... more

Strickerhof Estate

The Strickerhof is since 1834 in family estate (Schlafferhof). In 1907 Josef Paul Kasseroller established a new yard place, the Strickerhof, where he led a commercial wine cellar in addition to... more

Peter Dipoli Estate

  For Peter Dipoli the producer's job is to transform the grapes - as they arrive from the vineqards - into wines that express the characteristics of soil, habitat and growing season. 1987... more

Winery Schmid-Oberrautner

The winery Schmid Oberrautner was founded in the 14th century. Since these days the family has always been owner of the vineyards and some fields in the plains of Bolzano. The viticulture of Gries... more

K. Martini & Sohn Winery

Our quality wines are grown in the traditional manor, pressed using modern techniques, and stored with love and care in our family run business. Come and visit us and see for... more

Winery Kornell, Florian Brigl

  Over 2000 years of viticulture tradition characterize the area of Siebeneich near Terlan. The Kornell Vineyard blends harmonically into the countryside that surrounds it.The warming... more

Franz Haas

Since the foundation of the Franz Haas winery in 1880, it passed through seven generations with every firstborn Franz Haas. The winery has been focusing since the very start on expressing the... more

St. Pauls Winery

St. Pauls, known in the local dialect as "Dom auf dem Lande" (cathedral in the countryside), is situated at the heart of Überetsch's wine region. The bell tower watches majestically over the... more

Elena Walch

In recent years international markets and opinion leaders have focused on Alto Adige premium wines. The region's more innovative wine producers responded, triggering off a major quality... more

Laimburg Province Winery

Laimburg: A Winery with That Special Historical Heritage - Laimburg Province Winery lies at the foot of Monte di Mezzo (Mitterberg) in South Tyrol's Bassa Atesina (Südtiroler Unterland).... more

Kellerei Kaltern - Caldaro

The Kellerei Kaltern runs the heart of South Tyrol's wine-producing area around Lake Kaltern. Our company philosophy meets strict quality criteria. The wine-growing estates of Pfarrhof and Castel... more

Winery H. Rottensteiner

For over 50 years we have been continuing on the dream of our grandfather, Hans, in producing our own wine. The family of the Rottensteiner's is one of the most ancient families of South Tyrol... more

Weingut Haderburg

Passion and Manual Labor We begin applying strict standards right in the vineyards. Thorough pruning of the grapevines and a strict selection of grapes ensure a high-quality final product. The... more

Weinhof Kobler

Wines with characteristics of variety and terroir. With the vintage 2006 we, Armin and Monika Kobler, have begun to process part of our grapes on our own. It is our aim to produce wines which... more

Winery Klosterhof

Since 1999 we make the wine from our own vineyards. Oskar Andergassen and his son Hannes are staking on tradition, supported by modern technology, with the objective of producing harmonious and... more

Maso Thaler

Founded in 2004, the winery Maso Thaler is the realization of a family project that started over twenty years ago with the decision by the Motta family to leave Rome and move to this wonderful... more

Cantina Tramin

The newly rebuilt and refurbished winery in Tramin was completed in January 2010, designed by the famous architect Werner Tscholl.The idea which gave birth to the project was based on the vine, its... more

Weingut Eberlehof

The Eberlehof is situated in the classical St. Magdalena wine-producing area of Bolzano. Old family traditions influence the viticulture and let mature ruby and full-bodied quality wines in oak... more

Winery Alois Warasin

Established in the end of the 19th century the winery today is in the 4th generation. Pinot blanc, Sauvignon, Schiava and Pinot Noir are processed by a strict quality plan and filled up only in... more

Estate Josef Niedermayr

High Quality by Tradition! Careful maintenance of the vineyards in conjunction with traditional working experience and advanced production methods play an important role in the production of our... more

Winepass & Winepass PLUS

Combines the Mobilcard and various wine offers along the South Tyrolean Wine Road.





Südtiroler Weinstraße / South Tyrolean Wine Road
Pillhofstraße 1
I-39057 Frangart-Eppan (BZ)

Tel. 0039 0471 860 659

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