The Alto Adige Wine Road Association

Wine as Competitive Advantage. Visionary founding members laid the base for joint commercialisation and product development.

Achieving better results together. This was the basic idea of seven communities in 1964, when they merged to form an advertisement committee in order to promote their special position along the Alto Adige Wine Road and to increase its value through special advertisement and initiatives. In 2000, the cooperation changed to become the Alto Adige Wine Road Association with a total of 16 communities.

Today, all Tourism Boards, 70 wineries, the wein.kaltern initiative, and the Bassa Atesina-Oltradige region are also members. Their common goal is to promote the uniqueness of the Alto Adige Wine Road by organising and coordinating offers and products on the topic of wine in this area, under the motto "Discovering, experiencing, enjoying wine".

Financing occurs through a contribution of the members and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. The management and executive boards meet up to discuss and vote about the different initiatives, while the small team is responsible for the management of the association.