Fichtenhof pensione & ristorante

Tasting selected South Tyrolean wines in a mountain village? Why not? And enjoying the home-made slow-food kitchen at the same time.

The mountain village of Caprile lies in front of the Monte Corno Nature Park, in the most southern part of the region. This is the home of the Pardatscher Family. In their guesthouse they offer healthy food made from seasonal farm produce and agricultural products from the nearby surroundings.

Dishes with dandelion and herbs or home-made bread from the wooden stove. The taste of South Tyrolean slow food. Ulli, the sommelier at the Fichtenhof, will suggest the best wines from local wineries to go with your dish.

Enjoy the fruity aroma of the wine in your nose while looking at the beautiful landscape of the Bassa Atesina region with mountain chains in the backdrop. What more could one want?


Fichtenhof pensione & ristorante
Cauria, 23, 39040 Salorno / Cauria
Tel. +39 0471 889 028,