Restaurant Gretl am See

Finding happiness, even if it's for one night only. Some say, it's due to the shores of Caldaro Lake.

The sound of cheering glasses in the moonlight. The gentle breeze of the lake. Joyful voices. What sounds like a film scene, is reality at Gretl am See. Klaus Maran and his family have been successfully managing the Restaurant for many years. The unique location at Caldaro Lake is amazing.

During the day you can choose from varied ice-cream bowls and refreshing drinks on the vast lake terrace. Once the sun goes down behind the mountains and the lake guests of the nearby Lido start leaving, you will be spoiled with summery creations from the Gretl am See kitchen.

Hence, for some, the charm of a summer night at Caldaro Lake with a good glass of wine, means the greatest moment of happiness.


Restaurant Gretl am See
San Giuseppe al Lago, 18, 39052 Caldaro
Tel. +39 0471 960 273,