Wine Bar Gandolfi

Come in – Be amazed. Enjoy exclusive culinary delights in a simple ambience. In the glass and on the plate.

Located on the southern edge of the city of Bolzano, this Wine Bar combines the best of what wineries from South Tyrol and other regions have to offer. And that is a lot. White wines, red wines, sparkling wine, Champagne. The hall-like room offers plenty of space for selected bottles.

There is also space for some tables, where you can enjoy small delights for lunch and dinner. Guests in a suit or in leisure time look order buffalo mozzarella with olive oil, smoked meat or grilled meat specialties. Simple, but with the highest pleasure factor.


Wine Bar Gandolfi
Viale Druso, 349, 39100 Bolzano
Tel. +39 0471 920 335,