Wine Bar Hofstätter

A glamorous combination. Where wine and architecture merge in a harmonious way, a place filled with aesthetics is created.

The Hofstätter Winery in Termeno in 2007 was one of the first to set a symbol of modern wine architecture - and the Wine Bar is one of the most beautiful in the region.

Clear lines are in contrast to the historic vault, discreet lights and colours underline the modern ambience. The wines are clearly displayed on modern shelves, useful accessories and other products like Grappa and honey complete the offer.

A surprise awaits visitors at the end of the artistic stairway. In the show garden you get to know more about Gewürztraminer wine or relax under the pergola and listen to the stories of the vineyard.


Wine Bar Hofstätter
Piazza Municipio, 7, 39040 Termeno
Tel. +39 0471 090 003,