Alois Lageder Winery

The pioneer of organic wine growing in Alto Adige also proved to be a pioneer with the construction of his winery.

As early as 1995, Alois Lageder realised his vision of sustainable and ecological architecture with the construction of the new winery building in the historic Löwenang manor.

Planned as a low-energy building, it mainly consists of organic materials like wood and stone. Waste heat recovery, solar collectors and a photovoltaic system are responsible for providing energy. Since 1996, the photovoltaic system has covered a substantial portion of the electricity demand of the winery in an environmentally friendly manner.

Characteristic architectural elements, large window fronts, and a conservatory with plants meet the aesthetic and climatic demands.

In the cellar, Alois Lageder relies on two principles of nature, namely gravity and circle. A 17 metres deep and round cellar tower allows for the careful processing of the grapes without the use of pumps or other mechanical means of transport.

Extraordinary.Like their wines.

They play with contrasts. They try the new while preserving traditions. Beautiful places and aesthetics for wine lovers.