Pichler Winery

Wine grower Thomas Pichler does not follow any trends when it comes to producing wine. He also represents this principle to the public.

Individual wines full of character from this area, mature on this small winery in Caldaro. To achieve this, Thomas Pichler counts on traditional growing methods in close contact with nature, for example, the grapes are hand-picked.

When planning the cellar he focused on the careful processing of the grapes. Together with architect Walter Angonese he started to realise his idea in 2006.

The modern architecture hosts state-of-the-art cellar technology and provides the cradle of elegant and varied wines, which can be enjoyed in the enchanting ambience of the tasting room.

Extraordinary.Like their wines.

They play with contrasts. They try the new while preserving traditions. Beautiful places and aesthetics for wine lovers.