Schreckbichl Winery

Tradition and technology merge in this unique architectonic and artistic project.

An oak wood façade reminds of the traditional oak barrels. The black stretch metal panels symbolise the modern side of wine production: the steel wine barrels.

The architecture is supplemented by the steel installations planned by the Bergmeisterwolf architects and realised by artist Philipp Messner. Together with the original building, the construction again reminds of the combination of traditional and modern accents.

The "Green Theatre" completes this piece of art: realised as a natural foothill of the hill that can be seen behind the annex building, the dynamic and light steel construction is covered by a natural pergola.

The winery also focuses on environmental protection: now, the photovoltaic and solar panels cover more than half of the energy requirements of the winery.

Extraordinary.Like their wines.

They play with contrasts. They try the new while preserving traditions. Beautiful places and aesthetics for wine lovers.