CEO estate

Tenuta CEO is a small winery in the South of Bassa Atesina - South of Südtirol - Alto Adige. Here the oenologist Dietrich Ceolan is cultivating the own vineyards in the third generation and is creating seven wines. 2016 Dietrich Ceolan took over the paternal business and renewed it. Amongst changings in the vineyards and cellar, he found an associate for administration and sales in Michael Scalet. This duo dedicates their time to the creation and selling of straight and special wines. Having the focus on sustainability and quality and appling to satisfy the final consumer. Next to the Cellar of Tenuta CEO you can find the vine tavern 'Dürer Schänke' were it's possible to taste and buy some special vines, or to slacken off the day on a glass of wine. You are welcome, come and visit us!

Wine sales

Tuesday - Friday from 5pm to 10pm, Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm, Monday closed

Cellar tours

On request


White wines: Chardonnay , Pinot Gris

Red wines: Cabernet Franc , Lagrein , Merlot


CEO estate
Via Asilo 9, 39040 Salorno
Tel. +39 0471 884 701,