Winery Leya

My vineyards are located in the suggestive Adige valley, exposed to the South-West, in the enchanting area of the D.O.C. Terlano, in South Tyrol. This unique place has been my home since birth, shaping my passion for viticulture.
After years of study and experience in prestigious wineries in Italy and Europe, I decided to become the spokesperson for this extraordinary territory, transforming the grapes I have always grown.
This is how Weingut Leya was born.
With dedication and dynamism, I personally take care of cultivating three hectares of vineyards.
Each stage, from plant care to harvesting, is tackled with care and precision. Through manual and patient methods, I try to obtain a natural balance, intervening in a targeted and simple way. My winemaking philosophy is based on respecting the grapes and the wines, letting them express themselves without haste and with authenticity. I am convinced that it is the subtle differences, typical of each vintage, that characterize truly unique wines.
My goal is to create exciting wines that faithfully reflect the peculiarities of the Terlano terroir: vertical, brilliant, mineral and long-lived wines.
Malcolm Salvadori

Wine sales

9-12 a.m. and 14-18 p.m.

please call in advance

Cellar tours

by arrangement


White wines: Chardonnay , Pinot Blanc , Sauvignon , Gewürztraminer

Red wines: Schiava (Vernatsch)


Winery Leya
Via Chiesa 5, 39018 Terlano
Tel. +39 333 7797162,