Winery St. Quirinus

In the midst of vineyards, on a proud hill with a view of Lake Kaltern: this is a great place to live, a great place to grow wine. Centuries ago, the monks of the Bavarian monastery of Tegernsee in Oberplanitzing in Kaltern already grew their wine.  The vineyards supplied the wine that the Benedictines needed for themselves and the many high-class visitors. In 2011, we turned a long-held wish into reality: the construction of our house and wine cellar. The cellar was planned and built according to functional principles: Much is left to gravity, unnecessary waste of energy runs counter to the overall concept. As an organic and biodynamic winery, we are convinced that a single grape can "tell" everything about its life and flourishing in the vineyard. That it stores information about the soil conditions, about the living beings in the vineyard, about wind and weather. To take it with it into the wine - as a gift to us.

Cellar tours

MO + SA at 5pm


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White wines: Pinot Blanc , Sauvignon , Chardonnay , Aromera , Johanniter , Souvignier Gris , Bronner

Red wines: Schiava (Vernatsch) , Lagrein , Pinot Noir , Merlot , Prior , Chambourcin


Winery St. Quirinus
Pianizza di Sopra 4/B, 39052 Caldaro
Tel. +39 329 808 5003, +39 335 540 6263,