L. Psenner Distillery

L. PSENNER Distillery – tradition and passion

Each drop of fine marc and fruit brandy is an expression of dedication and passion. The Psenner family discovers this unique world with ability since it's foundation in 1947. L. Psenner offers a wide range of superb quality distillates, all of which capture the flavours of fruit grown in South Tyrol. The mixture of Mediterranean and Alpine climate, the alternation of warm, sunny days and cool nights all result in sweet, fragrant fruit that ripens slowly with concentrated aromatic, firm pulp. With experience, devotion and intuitive spirit the master distiller retains the magic of distillation to bring into our glasses only the heart of the spirit. The history of the L. Psenner Distillery begins with it's founder Ludwig Psenner. This straightforward and sincere man threw himself at an early age into the task of producing quality marc brandy - known in Italy as Grappa - delving into the recondite processes and mysteries involved. In 1952 Ludwig decided to diversify and apply his skills to the distillation of fruit brandies. Today his grandson Werner continues the distillery's story, which established itself among the elite of the world's producers, confirmed by awards and the praise heaped upon its products by international experts.

Wine sales

Monday - Friday:  9 am – 18 pm, Saturday 9 am – 13 am


From November to March:

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 12 pm and 14 pm – 17 pm

Cellar tours

On request.


L. Psenner Distillery
Via Stazione 1, 39040 Termeno
Tel. +39 0471 860 178, info@psenner.com