Winery Edmund Pomella

Vines have been cultivated and processed into delicious wines on our farm for 3 generations.

Since 2016, I, Edmund Pomella, have been transforming our classic grape varieties into something special:

I was able to take over the old vines from the fathers, some of which are over 100 years old. As I don't want to do without the characteristics of an old vine, I decided to convert them to robust grape varieties. I also utilise the advantages of the traditional pergola- training- system in our sun-exposed, water-scarce location. I am happy to accept the extra work this entails. The biggest advantage of these "new" grape varieties is that there is no need for chemical pesticides. It's not just about wine - it's also about quality of life and respect for nature, the plants, the soil and all living creatures. I can fulfil my lifelong dream and follow my vocation. All of this enables me to create natural and wholesome wines with a great deal of love that are good for people and, above all, do no harm to nature.

Cellar tours

Monday to Friday by appointment


White wines: Bronner , Muscaris , Souvignier Gris

Red wines: Prior , Cabernet Cortis


Winery Edmund Pomella
Rain 11, 39040 Cortaccia
Tel. +39 340 055 2959,