Gutsschenke Castel Ringberg

Relaxing amidst cypresses and vineyards, while some of the best Elena Walch wines mature in the cellar of the castles.

Along the South Tyrolean Wine Road you can see Castel Ringberg in a beautiful location amidst vineyards. Constructed by the Habsburg family in 1620, it is not only a beautiful building, it is also the cradle of the Elena Walch wines. The renaissance castle is surrounded by 20 hectares of vineyards. The best wines of South Tyrolean wine growers mature in the castle's barrique cellar.

Amidst the picturesque hillside and with a view of Caldaro Lake, the Gutsschenke Castel Ringberg serves home-made wine and small snacks. This charming place is just perfect, to taste the wines of the single vineyard locations visited during a guided tour.


Gutsschenke Castel Ringberg
San Giuseppe al Lago, 1, 39052 Caldaro
Tel. +39 0471 960 010,