Vineyard Larcherhof

The vineyard 'Larcherhof' has been in the possession of the Egger-Spögler family since 1893. The history of the 'Larcherhof' as a vineyard can be traced back for centuries. A visible sign for that history are the impressive looking, more than one hundred years old vine stocks of the Lagrein, as well as the old wine cellar. In 2008, the Spögler family made the decision to press and bottle the wine on their own and run the 'Larcherhof' as a wine-press house with regional vine sorts. We also offer wine tastings. You are welcome to try the wines at the “Larcherhof”.

Wine sales

monday-saturday: 8am-12pm | 2pm-6pm



Cellar tours

On request 


White wines: Pinot Gris

Red wines: Merlot , Lagrein , Schiava (Vernatsch)


Vineyard Larcherhof
Via Rencio 82, 39100 Bozen
Tel. +39 0471 365 034, Mobile: +39 340 672 1183,