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Wine tasting with a short guided tour at the Cantina Terlano
Terlano /September - October / 16:30
September - October / 16:30

In 1893 the Winery Terlano was founded as one of the first wineries in South Tyrol and today it is one of the most famous in the region. Guided tour of the Winery Terlano with wine tasting, in September and October only a short visit with wine tasting.

Wine tasting with guided tour at the Cantina Terlano
Terlano /April - August / 15:30
April - August / 15:30

In 1893 the Winery Terlano was founded as one of the first wineries in South Tyrol and today it is one of the most famous in the region. Guided tour of the Winery Terlano with wine tasting, in September and October only a short visit with wine tasting.

Castel Sallegg: What Happens to Wine as it Ages?
Caldaro /April - October / 16:00
April - October / 16:00

Wine lives and changes over time. Explore different vintages at our guided Merlot and Pinot Bianco tastings.

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From grapes to wine - visit of the Winery St. Pauls with guided wine tasting
Appiano /April - August / 10:30
April - August / 10:30

You will learn about the fascinating world of winemaking. During the visit of our Winery we will explain the various processes of winemaking. Afterwards, a tasting of a selection of our wines awaits you. Duration 1 hour.

Wine tasting in the new Wineshop of the Castelfeder Winery
Egna /all year / 16:00
all year / 16:00

Discover together with us our wines and the philosophy of our Winery.
Authentic - familiar - unique.

Wine tasting in the new Wineshop of the Castelfeder Winery
Egna /all year / 11:00
all year / 11:00

Discover together with us our wines and the philosophy of our Winery.
Authentic - familiar - unique.

Walk through the vineyards of the Kellerei St. Pauls with a visit to the sparkling wine bunker
Appiano /March - October / 15:30
March - October / 15:30

Enter into the world of wines of the Winery St. Pauls. During the walk through the vineyards you will learn about the history of our Winery and all the work that is necessary during the different stages of vegetation. After a visit to our sparkling wine bunker, a tasting of a selection of our wines awaits you. Duration 2-2.5 hours.

Sparkling Wine and...more!
Caldaro /all year / 10:00
all year / 10:00

You will discover with us the world of the South Tyrolean sparkling wines. During a guided cellar tour we will tell you many details of the production cycle and in the tasting you can enjoy the finesse and elegance of our mountain pearls.

Enocultural weeks
Appiano /23. - 31. July
23. - 31. July

The right event for lovers of wine, culture and pleasure to enjoy, taste and discover. The enocultural weeks offer various events within the historical environments, alleys and bay windows of the village of San Paolo. Absolutely not to be missed - the "Tavolata enogastronomica nei alle alle alle allezioni di San Paolo" on Tuesday, July 28, under the direction of star chef Herbert Hintner.

Wine Cellar Night
/06. June / 17:00
06. June / 17:00

Glasses resound behind open cellar doors, winegrowers talk shop with their guests, while exhibitions and musical delicacies accompany the convivial wine tasting. The legendary Night of the Cellars celebrates South Tyrol's art of winemaking with art and culinary delights. The impressive cellar vaults are the setting for the nightly wine experience from 5 p.m. to midnight.

This year the popular wine event is concentrated in the villages of Caldaro, Termeno, Cortaccia, Magrè, Cortina, Salorno, Egna, Montagna, Ora, Vadena, Bronzolo.

What remains the same is the practical shuttle service that accompanies the night owls on their sensual journey of pleasure.

Salurno Slow Festival
Salorno /06. - 07. June
06. - 07. June

On 6 and 7 June 2020 Salurn will host the "Salurno Slow Festival", an event dedicated to food, culture and entertainment. Thus Salurn, the first cittaslow community in South Tyrol, opens its doors for the third time. Various cittaslow producers from South Tyrol and different regions of Italy will be represented with typical delicacies. At the cittaslow market, visitors will have the opportunity to taste, buy and talk to the producers.

Tasting of wines from ancient South Tyrolean grape varieties
Caldaro /03. - 05. September / 16:00 - 18:00
03. - 05. September / 16:00 - 18:00

In the museum's vineyard you can taste rare wines and grapes, such as Fraueler and Blatterle, once very popular but now produced by a few winemakers.

International Museum Day: Ad fontes! To the sources!
Caldaro /17. May / 10:00 - 17:00
17. May / 10:00 - 17:00

Those interested can acquire basic knowledge in reading the Fraktur and Kurrentschrift. An employee shows how to make a "Wispel" (small pipe) from wood.

Mataner Kellerrunde
Montagna /16. May / 14:00
16. May / 14:00

Bei der Montaner Kellerrunde werden die drei Kellereien Pfitscher, Franz Haas und Maso Thaler besichtigt. In einem ganz besonderen Ambiente werden die Weine der jeweiligen Kellereien verkostet. Anschließend genießen Sie ein köstliches Abendessen mit einem 3-Gänge Menü.

Pinot Noir Party
Montagna /16. May / 20:00
16. May / 20:00

Pinot Noir Party with fine wines and culinary specialities. Musical entertainment is well provided.

Visit and wine tasting at the Winery K. Martini & Sohn
Appiano /all year / 09:30
all year / 09:30

The Martini family invites you to a guided tour with tasting. 6 wines will be tasted and on request, also typical South Tyrolean products (snacks).

Visit and wine tasting at the Winery K. Martini & Sohn
Appiano /all year / 09:30
all year / 09:30

The Martini family invites you to a guided tour with tasting. 6 wines will be tasted and on request, also typical South Tyrolean products (snacks). Sept. + Oct. only degustations.

Wine stand at the Bolzano Christmas market
Bolzano /26. November - 06. January
26. November - 06. January

When the mountain peaks glow white from the first snow, the days become shorter and shorter and the joyful waiting begins, Advent is just around the corner. Then Bolzano will be transformed into a true Christmas city, offering every visitor a unique experience. The wine town of Bolzano introduces itself to guests through its own wine stall, where visitors can enjoy the finest wines from various wineries.



Sauvignon Experience | Sauvignons from Styria CANCELLED
Cortaccia /02. May
02. May

Get to know Sauvignons from the guest wine region Styria during instructive master classes with different producers and an exciting vertical tasting.

Sauvignon Experience | Degustation CANCELLED
Cortaccia /03. May / 11:00 - 20:00
03. May / 11:00 - 20:00

Discover the Sauvignons from the 2018 vintage of the 2nd National Sauvignon Competition and a selection of Sauvignons from all over the world at a public degustation.

St. Magdalener Culinarium
Bolzano /11. September
11. September

What is the best way to get to know a region and one of its best wines, such as the classic St. Magdalena? You can do it by meeting the producers! Living a day dedicated to the wines of St. Magdalena: this is the motto of the local producers, who will be there to reveal some of their secrets about one of the most famous native wines of Bolzano. St. Magdalener Culinarium - an event that all wine lovers should not miss!

The day opens with a guided tour of the city centre with focus on Bolzano as the wine town, and is followed by another guided tour of the S. Maddalena vineyard. After that, you will be able to enjoy the various activities taking place in the halls and in the beautiful garden of the Parkhotel Laurin, which, on this occasion, will be dressed in red ... get ready to be amazed by our rich program.

A unique experience, which will let you taste the precious varieties of the classic St. Magdalena.

Wine Talk in a relaxed atmosphere
Appiano /all year / 12:00
all year / 12:00

Let yourself be guided through the world of wines in a relaxed atmosphere. Take part on a guided wine tasting with Italian and regional specialities.

From the vine to the bottle
Ora /all year / 16:00
all year / 16:00

Visit to the wine cellar with tasting of 4 wines at the Winery Clemens Waldthaler. Duration 1,5 hours.

National Open Distilleries Day
South Tyrolean Wine Road /04. October
04. October

Every year on the 1st Sunday of October Italy's grappa distilleries open their doors. Visitors are given the opportunity to look over the master distiller's shoulder and participate in the attractive supporting programme. Discover the art of distillation.

Concert for the grape harvest
Termeno /24. September / 20:00
24. September / 20:00

The citizen band from Termeno - Tramin with it's bandmaster Norbert Rabanser is holding a concert in the citizen hall. Afterwards all guests are invited to taste a good glass of wine. Free entry!

Salurner Kellernocht - CANCELLED
Salorno /01. June / 18:00 - 20:00
01. June / 18:00 - 20:00

Salurner Kellereien laden zu einer festlichen Verkostung ihrer Spitzenerzeugnisse ein: Unter freiem Himmel, zu den Füßen der sagenumwobenen Haderburg, erwarten Sie erlesene Weiß- und Rotweine, Sekt, lokale Spezialitäten und stimmungsvolle musikalische Umrahmung. Das besondere Highlight: Tiefe Einblicke in die Geschichte der Weinkultur Salurns bieten urige Privatkeller im historischen Ortskern, die ihre Tore für Besichtigungen öffnen.

Kaltern all in red
Caldaro /12. June / 19:00 - 23:00
12. June / 19:00 - 23:00

An evening entirely dedicated to the best red wines of Caldaro. In addition to the selected Kalterersee, you can also taste other reds and some rarities from the wine cellars.

Spatium Pinot Blanc
Appiano /20. - 21. August
20. - 21. August

"Spatium Pinot Blanc" offers to the grape variety South Tyrolean Pinot Blanc an international platform every two years. Over 80 producers from Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland offer Pinot Blanc for tasting. In combination with a conference for the general public and master class tastings, everything revolves around the high-quality Pinot Blanc.

Day of Wine in Eppan / Moved to 30.05.
Appiano /04. April
04. April

One of the most popular wine events in Eppan of the year! Enjoy the finest Eppan wines in the spectacular ambience of the historic Lanserhaus in St. Michael | Eppan.

Day of Wine in Eppan
Appiano /30. May
30. May

One of the most popular wine events in Eppan of the year! Enjoy the finest Eppan wines in the spectacular ambience of the historic Lanserhaus in St. Michael | Eppan.

Insight into the world of an independent winegrower
Appiano /all year / 16:30
all year / 16:30

Get to know Klaus Lentsch during a guided cellar tour, followed by a wine tasting of wines from three different South Tyrolean vineyard locations.

Insight into the world of an independent winegrower
Appiano /all year / 14:30
all year / 14:30

Get to know Klaus Lentsch during a guided cellar tour, followed by a wine tasting of wines from three different South Tyrolean vineyard locations.

Vineyards, guided cellar tour, wine tasting
Egna /all year / 17:00
all year / 17:00

Knowing the nature - that's the direction of the Rottensteiner family. After a walk through the vineyards and a visit to the winery, we will taste the wines.

Wine & Architecture in the ClimaHouse Winery Pfitscher
Montagna /all year / 16:00
all year / 16:00

The family Winery was the first wine estate in Italy to receive the quality seal ClimaHouse Wine. With a breathtaking view of the Bassa Atesina valley, you have the possibility to look behind the wine label of the Pfitscher family. Visit of the Winery and guided tour through the cellars followed by tasting of 4 wines.

Anno 1365 - Wine culture with the oldest wine farming family in the city of Bolzano
Bolzano /all year / 10:30
all year / 10:30

To start with you, will be given an insight into their seasonal work processes and learn first-hand how the grape makes its way into the bottle. After a wine cellar tour, taste a choice of selected wines with Schmid Oberrautner.

Atelier Natura – exceptional architecture
Nalles /April - October / 16:00
April - October / 16:00

Visit to the Winery and guided tour of the wine cellar followed by tasting of 5 wines.

Guided cellar tour and wine tasting
Caldaro /all year / 15:00
all year / 15:00

Guided tour of one of the oldest Wineries in Caldaro. In the cosy wine shop you can taste some of the wines.

Committed to Tradition, Lead by Passion
Bolzano /all year / 10:00
all year / 10:00

Meet the Rottensteiner family, taste their wines and be guest of one of the oldest winegrowing families of the Alto Adige region.

Guided tour at the Ritterhof Winery
Caldaro /April - October / 10:30
April - October / 10:30

Visit the Ritterhof Winery to explore the cellar and the taste of South Tyrol with 3 wines at a guided tasting in the barrique cellar.  The perfect experience to start a new week.

Tramin Sensual Pleasures
Termeno /08. - 10. October / 10:00 - 16:00
08. - 10. October / 10:00 - 16:00

Tramin is an enchanting and impressive wine village in the Bozen & environs region. It is the place of origin of the world-renowned Gewürztraminer vine, and home of some of the most important South Tyrolean wineries and distilleries. The experienced distillery and cellar masters will answer all your questions and will unveil the secrets of the pressing and distilling processes. A great opportunity to look behind the scenes.

Tramin Wine Lane
Termeno /24. October / 14:30
24. October / 14:30

Pictures that paint the autumn: Colours, sounds, smells, people. In the traffic-free village alleys in Tramin top wines get sampled. In addition, roasted chestnuts, poppy doughnuts and other typical autumnal delights get sampled in the presence of hearty music and conviviality.. Colours, sounds and smells convey a small yet lasting impression of the social way of life of the people of Tramin.

The last cartload of grapes
Appiano /17. October
17. October

At Eppan, the biggest wine village in South Tyrol, the locals don't just drink the wine, they enjoy it celebrating the grape's juice, like with "The last cartload of grapes" on Saturday, October 12th at Girlan | Eppan. In front of the audience, the grapes are pressed and everybody can taste the fresh juice.

Wine and cuisine
Caldaro /03. October / 10:00 - 18:00
03. October / 10:00 - 18:00

While the last grapes mature on the vines, you taste the result of last year's harvest at the market square. Enjoy everything the golden autumn has to offer: top quality wines, fine, autumnal dishes and nice music. Kaltern's wine producers will present their wines personally, while the nearby partner restaurants (recognizable by the red dot), together with the Bauernjugend (local association of the young farmers) as well as Kaltern's farmers' market indulge you with traditional specialties.

Tramin Autumn Days
Termeno /02. - 03. October
02. - 03. October

How the new wine tastes - that will be found out by the people of Tramin and its guests during the traditional Autumn Days Tramin at the latest, which are always at the end of October. People of all age groups meet at the festival area that is richly decorated with lots of harvest products for a joyful festival. The "Neue" new wine and wines from Tramin get sampled; and along with this there are hearty South Tyrolean specialities. And all of the colourful shenanigans at the festival area are accompanied by the colourful and melodious performances of folk music groups.

Kaltern's wine days
Caldaro /03. - 04. September / 18:00 - 23:00
03. - 04. September / 18:00 - 23:00

"A country to be tasted" - a special occasion for enthusiasts and connoisseurs to discover and enjoy the extraordinary local wine variety.

Montagna’s mile of specialities
Montagna /06. September
06. September

The old railway track along Montagna turns into a route full of culinary specialties, entertainment and stands. Numerous associations, traders and gastronomic establishments offer various regional products, such as wine, food and crafts. Live music, several funny games for children and lot of entertainment complete the event.

Bassa Atesina Wine Tasting Days
Ora /20. - 22. August / 18:00
20. - 22. August / 18:00

A whole event, all about wine in the Baumgarten castle in Ora. All of the presented wines are produced in the Bassa Atesina area and can be tasted. The best wines will be awarded. Culinary specialties, entertainment and live music complete the event.

Night of the Aromas
Termeno /09. August / 18:00
09. August / 18:00

A Summer Night's Culinary Festival at Cantina Tramin. Delightful wines paired with various culinary specialties and live music.

Saint Lawrence Night at Bolzano
Bolzano /10. August
10. August

Calici di Stelle/Lorenzinacht is a standing appointment during the summer in Bolzano. On the night of St. Lorenzo takes place a characterful wine tasting under the Portici/Lauben Street. The local wine producers showcase and let the visitors taste their best products from 6 12 p.m.

Andrian Saint Lawrence Night
Andriano /10. August / 19:00
10. August / 19:00

We celebrate Bacchus and toast the falling stars on August 10th 2019, from 7pm to the midnight. Our sommelier will be proud to give you all information about our excellent local wines and its production. This special event is located in the village square and you will be enchanted by the wonderful atmosphere of the sounding glasses.

White wine festival
Appiano /02. August
02. August

Delightful summer night in Montiggl | Eppan – On the 10th oenological-gastronomical summer night “Montiggler Weis(s)e”, everything revolves around white wine, cuisine and music. Numerous selected white wines of the Eppan wine producers introduce themselves in a refreshing and delightful vertical tasting, combined with the alpine-mediterranean way of life.

Appiano /18. - 28. July
18. - 28. July

During the wine culture weeks in St. Pauls | Eppan from the 18th until 28th July 2019 you will get to know the wine in all its great variety. The charming wine village and idyllic streets dedicates 9 days to good wines, culinary highlights and wine culture at its best.

Gewürztraminer Festival
Termeno /05. July / 19:00
05. July / 19:00

The Gewürztraminer from Tramin on the South Tyrolean Wine Road is amongst the best Gewürztraminers worldwide. This is confirmed to us time and again by foreign wine experts during international trade events. And so it is for this reason that this year we will dedicate this aromatic delight to a special festival: The Gewürztraminer Wine Road! In the historical village centre of Tramin various wineries as well as wine-growing estates along the South Tyrolean Wine road offer their Gewürztraminer. And we are delighted to be able to welcome some guest wineries from Trentino also this year. Summery dishes are served and lively live music is played too. Colourful shenanigans all about the topic of Gewürztraminer wine.

Wine & Arbours in Egna
Egna /11. July / 17:30
11. July / 17:30

"Wine & Arbours" is a unique event, dedicated to the high quality wines of South Tyrol. Fifty exquisite wineries present their best wines along the arbours of Egna. Wine lovers can learn more about the quality and the variety of wine. Furthermore, culinary specialties are offered, created by Chef Danilo D'Ambra, Mauro Tresoldi and Andrea Fiori. Paolo Ianna and Vincenzo Degasperi organize the event, in honour of his wife Marianne Moeller, for the 10th time.

Gschleier Wine Tasting
Appiano /26. - 27. June
26. - 27. June

Wine tasting of a special kind: on a warm summer evening, the Girlan wine producers invite you to join them on the wine teaching trail, which runs through a number of vineyards.

Kaltern all in white
Caldaro /30. June / 18:00 - 23:00
30. June / 18:00 - 23:00

The heart of Caldaro is tinged in white and turns into a fantastic showcase. All this to introduce you to its finest white wines.

Wine Cellar Night 2019
Caldaro /08. June / 17:00
08. June / 17:00

Glasses sound behind open cellar doors while exhibitions and musical delicacies accompany the convivial wine tasting. The legendary Wine Cellar Night celebrates the unique South Tyrolean wine culture. The imposing cellar vaults are the venue for the nocturnal wine experience from 5 pm to midnight.

This year the event takes place in the northern part of the Alto Adige Wine Road. 

The practical shuttle service guarantees a safe journey from winery to cellar.

More information about the participating wineries here.

Traminer Wineday CANCELLED
Termeno /23. May / 13:00
23. May / 13:00

Traminer Wineday with wine tasting on the new Gewürztraminer Path and closing party in the evening.

Wine & Fashion
Nalles /31. May / 19:00
31. May / 19:00

The growing and processing of grapes is what makes every bottle of wine as unique as a couture dress. Just like in fashion, it's the love for detail that makes the difference in a special wine. Glamorous and delicious: the community of Nalles, the Tourist Association Nalles and the Winery Nals Margreid await you at this exciting wine event with an exclusive fashion show. The hosts of Nalles will spoil you with culinary delights during an open-air dinner served directly on the catwalk and accompanied by wines from the Winery Nals Margreid.

Concert with Andrea Götsch in collaboration with forum.musik (in german)
Caldaro /10. July / 20:30
10. July / 20:30

The young clarinetist Andrea Götsch from Merano, the first member of the "Wiener Philharmoniker", performs a musical program accompanied by a piano.

Saint Urban's night in Terlano
Terlano /25. May / 19:30
25. May / 19:30

Saint Urban of Langres is the patron of wine in the German speaking area. He is celebrated on the 25th of May. For this occasion, a prayer for good weather and the blessing of the wineries takes place in the chapel of the 'Köstenholz' residence at 6 pm. Afterwards, the wineries of Terlano and Settequerce serve their precious wines and some culinary delights - be it sunny or rainy. Venue: Via Chiesa/Residenza Lehenegg, Via Chiesa/Winery Stocker and Via Margarethe/Residenza Köstenholz.

Lagrein through the ages
Ora /11. June / 19:00
11. June / 19:00

A whole evening, all about Lagrein. The association "Wine & Culture" (Wein & Kultur) will inform you about the origins, the dissemination and the stylistics of this autochthone grape variety. Taste several Lagreins from different age groups and try the culinary specialties, matched to the wine.

Wine party Caldaro
Caldaro /10. May / 20:00
10. May / 20:00

A special evening to stylishly welcome the new season. An exclusive occasion for locals and guests to taste some of the best red and white wines in the refined ambience of the wincenter. To the sound of clinking glass, Kaltern's wine producers will personally introduce you to their finest wines, which can be perfectly matched to finger food, light dishes and some other gastronomic delicacies. As soon as the sun goes down, a DJ will provide the right tune and the party can go on until late at night.

South Tyrolean days of Pinot Noir CANCELLED
Montagna /16. - 18. May
16. - 18. May

The "South Tyrolean Pinot Noir Days" celebrate their 21th anniversary in Egna and Montagna, two villages, known for their excellent production of Pinot Noirs. The winners, all the participating wineries and a big selection of international Pinot Noirs can be savoured during the big public tasting in Egna. There will be many workshops and guided tastings in Montagna and Egna.

eppanCulinaria | Vegetables and Wine
Appiano /May

In May, the restaurateurs of Eppan will be treating connoisseurs and bon-vivants to a Mediterranean-Alpine feast of exquisite vegetarian cuisine paired with premium wines from the Eppan region.

South Tyrolean Evenings of Pinot Noir CANCELLED
Ora /08. - 24. May
08. - 24. May

Around the Castelfeder area, the growing terms for Pinot Noir are favourable. This elegant and precious red wine hosts the event called "South Tyrolean Pinot Noir Days". Parallel to this event, the "Pinot Noir Nights" include several events, organized by the tourist association Castelfeder, such as the "Wineparty" and the "Mataner Kellerrunde".

Wine excursion day CANCELLED
Caldaro /26. April / 10:00 - 18:00
26. April / 10:00 - 18:00

An entire day to discover all of the beauty hidden in and around this wonderful wine village named Kaltern. Warm spring sun rays invite to spend a pleasant day outdoors. While walking from one partner company to the other you will get surprised by the great wine variety of this small village. Throughout the day, the partner companies of wein.kaltern, offer a rich and varied programme, including wine tastings, culinary delicacies as well as music, local handicraft and much more.

The asparagous and the wine
Terlano /April - May
April - May

The asparagus triangle of Terlano, Vilpiano and Settequerce would like to invite you to the asparagus pleasure within the months April and May. There also is an excellent "asparagus wine", the tasty Terlano Sauvignon of the winery of Terlano, which is bottled especially for these culinary weeks.

South Tyrolean Wine Weeks and Eppan day of Wine
Appiano /13. April - 08. June
13. April - 08. June

From mid-April to the early June on the Alto Adige Wine Road will all be about the South Tyrolean wine. Top events, charming encounters and an exciting discovery tour through traditional and ultra-modern South Tyrolean wine culture. A unique opportunity for wine lovers to interact with winemakers, wine growers and experts. Take a look behind the scenes of the vineyards.

SUMMA at the Alois Lageder Wine Estate CANCELLED
Magrè /18. - 19. April
18. - 19. April

For the 23st time quality-conscious vintners from all over the world reunite for Summa in our wine estate in Magrè to present their wines to an international audience.

On Saturday April 18th and Sunday 19th 2020 we will open the rooms of Casòn Hirschprunn and of the historical residence Tòr Löwengang. In these quiet and relaxed settings, a program of guided tours, seminars and wine tastings will give visitors a wonderful opportunity to meet over 70 noted vintners and their wines from all over the world.

Bolzano Wine Tasting CANCELLED
Bolzano /26. - 29. March
26. - 29. March

The most beloved wine event in Bolzano.

The traditional Bolzano Wine Tasting takes place from the 28th to the 31th March 2019 in the halls of Mareccio Castle, one of the most exclusive locations in the old town.

Bacchus Urbanus
Bolzano /29. March / 14:30
29. March / 14:30

"Bacchus Urbanus" is an unusual urban trekking in German and Italian language on the way to the Santa Maddalena and Lagrein wine-growing hills. An expert guide leads the participants through the wine production areas in Bolzano. A winery visit with wine tasting is the ending of the guided tour.

South Tyrolean Wine Road /07. June / 09:00 - 19:00
07. June / 09:00 - 19:00

"A Journey of Discovery Along The Wine Road!
Enjoy a day centered on South Tyrolean wine, served by somelliers and other wine professional, and enjoyed in good company. The Mediterranean landscape along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, culinary delights, and an introduction to South Tyrol's people, history and culture, make the WineSafari a splendid treat."

South Tyrolean Wine Road /05. July / 09:00 - 19:00
05. July / 09:00 - 19:00

"A Journey of Discovery Along The Wine Road!
Enjoy a day centered on South Tyrolean wine, served by somelliers and other wine professional, and enjoyed in good company. The Mediterranean landscape along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, culinary delights, and an introduction to South Tyrol's people, history and culture, make the WineSafari a splendid treat."

South Tyrolean Wine Road /02. - 03. August / 09:00 - 19:00
02. - 03. August / 09:00 - 19:00

"A Journey of Discovery Along The Wine Road!
Enjoy a day centered on South Tyrolean wine, served by somelliers and other wine professional, and enjoyed in good company. The Mediterranean landscape along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, culinary delights, and an introduction to South Tyrol's people, history and culture, make the WineSafari a splendid treat."

South Tyrolean Wine Road /06. September / 08:30 - 19:00
06. September / 08:30 - 19:00

"A Journey of Discovery Along The Wine Road!
Enjoy a day centered on South Tyrolean wine, served by somelliers and other wine professional, and enjoyed in good company. The Mediterranean landscape along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, culinary delights, and an introduction to South Tyrol's people, history and culture, make the WineSafari a splendid treat."

South Tyrolean Wine Road /04. October / 08:30 - 19:00
04. October / 08:30 - 19:00

"A Journey of Discovery Along The Wine Road!
Enjoy a day centered on South Tyrolean wine, served by somelliers and other wine professional, and enjoyed in good company. The Mediterranean landscape along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, culinary delights, and an introduction to South Tyrol's people, history and culture, make the WineSafari a splendid treat."

South Tyrolean Wine Road /08. November / 08:30 - 19:00
08. November / 08:30 - 19:00

"A Journey of Discovery Along The Wine Road!
Enjoy a day centered on South Tyrolean wine, served by somelliers and other wine professional, and enjoyed in good company. The Mediterranean landscape along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, culinary delights, and an introduction to South Tyrol's people, history and culture, make the WineSafari a splendid treat."

South Tyrolean Wine Road /03. May / 09:00 - 19:00
03. May / 09:00 - 19:00

"A Journey of Discovery Along The Wine Road!
Enjoy a day centered on South Tyrolean wine, served by somelliers and other wine professional, and enjoyed in good company. The Mediterranean landscape along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, culinary delights, and an introduction to South Tyrol's people, history and culture, make the WineSafari a splendid treat."

South Tyrolean Wine Road /05. April / 09:00 - 19:00
05. April / 09:00 - 19:00

"A Journey of Discovery Along The Wine Road!
Enjoy a day centered on South Tyrolean wine, served by somelliers and other wine professional, and enjoyed in good company. The Mediterranean landscape along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, culinary delights, and an introduction to South Tyrol's people, history and culture, make the WineSafari a splendid treat."

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01. March / 09:00 - 19:00

"A Journey of Discovery Along The Wine Road!
Enjoy a day centered on South Tyrolean wine, served by somelliers and other wine professional, and enjoyed in good company. The Mediterranean landscape along the South Tyrolean Wine Road, culinary delights, and an introduction to South Tyrol's people, history and culture, make the WineSafari a splendid treat."

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Distillery Ortler

In 2011 Alexander Ortler was able to realise his dream of his own distillery at the Ortlerhof in Appiano. Starting with the raw product, he attaches great importance to quality. Sun-ripened fruits, exclusively from South Tyrol, are selected by hand in order to guarantee an optimal degree of ripeness of the raw material. The mashing process is carried out in accordance with the most modern techniques, in order to fully appreciate the variety of aromas. Clean mashing containers with air/fermenting valve keep harmful influences away and the mash is tempered so that an ideal fermentation process can take place.


Wine growing and wine have been the purpose of life of the Giovanett family for 3 generations. The Castelfeder Winery was founded in 1969 by Alfons Giovanett. The family Estate is situated in the towns of Egna and Cortina in the southern part of Alto Adige and works 60 hectares of vineyards, producing mainly withe wines and some local indigenous reds. Since 2011 the family is also dedicated to the Mosel region of Germany, cultivating the steep slope Riesling vineyard Sorentberg.

Colterenzio Winery

Founded in 1960, the Colterenzio winery is one of the youngest winegrowers’ cooperative in Alto Adige. In 1960, 28 winegrowers left the historical Cornaiano winery based in the same little village to found their own winery – and named it after the hamlet they came from: Schreckbichl in German, Colterenzio in Italian. These winegrowers can be considered rebels but at the same time pioneers for right after the foundation of their own winery they were setting the course towards quality.
Today, 300 winegrowers together with the people working at Colterenzio continued this path.

The winegrowers grow their grapes on a total of 300 hectares; the vineyards are located in one of the best wine growing areas of Alto Adige, on altitudes from 230 to 650 meters. 12 different varieties are cultivated. 35% of the wines at Colterenzio are red, 65% are white. The Colterenzio winery cares about the environment, not only in the vineyards, but also in the cellar. In the vineyard this means sustainable viticulture and handpicked grapes. In the winery itself most of the electric energy used in the winery is supplied by a photovoltaic installation, 100% of the electric power is certified green and 70% of hot water requirements is provided by solar panels and a heat recovery system.

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Winery San Michele Appiano

St. Michael-Eppan winery has been creating great wines of extraordinary quality since 1907. Each vintage is cultivated in harmony with nature and the climate, in order to optimally express each individual grape variety. Work in the vineyard, the manual harvest and a modern production plant guarantee wines of the highest standard. In keeping with Alto Adige’s grand wine tradition, the St. Michael- Eppan wines all reflect their terroir through three lines: Classic Line: Made with archetypal grapes vinified in the traditional way, these wines embody freshness and genuine pleasure. The whites are aged in steel, and the reds in big barrels. Selection Line: The signature crus of the St. Michael-Eppan zone, where vines have been cultivated for centuries. Over the years the “Selection” wines have become absolute references, uniquely reflecting the strengths of small historical plots. These are exceptional wines, which are defined by their expressive bouquets and fine structure. Sanct Valentin Line: The winery’s most prized line which made its first appearance back in 1986. Produced from the best hand-selected, limited yield vines to ensure best quality fruit: these are the raw materials necessary to give astounding minerality, beautiful bouquet and a remarkably elegant structure. Born and bred through the intuition of winemaker Hans Terzer, the Sanct Valentin wines are ambassadors of South Tyrolean excellence and appreciated by wine lovers around the world.

Elena Walch

Elena Walch is a leading Alto Adige wine estate, in family hands, and belongs to the elite in Italian wine production, with international success. Encouraging quality and innovation, Elena Walch stood at the head of the Alto Adige quality revolution and has gained local and international esteem for her efforts. The philosophy of the estate is dedicated to its terroir – the idea that wines must be the individual expression of their soil, climate and cultivation in the vineyard – and that this must be maintained according to principles of sustainability and passed on to the next generation. The picturesque single estates of Castel Ringberg and Kastelaz are the heart of Elena Walch's vineyards, now working on a vineyard surface of 55ha. With sustainability being one of the core values at Elena Walch, the wines reflect the various terroirs they originate from. Finally, with the aim of making only the highest quality wines, Elena Walch has been honored with several national as well as international awards.

Winery Tramin

The Tramin growers’ co-operative was founded in 1898, today is counted among the leading wineries of Italy. The strong contrast between hot days and cool night time temperatures develops floral and exotic aromas, spice, body and weight but with a firm backbone of acidity making them extremely elegant.

Alois Lageder Estate

The family estate Alois Lageder is a synonym for the highest standard of quality in viticulture and winemaking, for a sustainable, holistic corporate philosophy, and for a wide spectrum of cultural and artistic activities. Founded in 1823, and now directed by Alois Lageder and Alois Clemens Lageder, representing the fifth and sixth generation of family ownership, the estate combines tradition and innovation. The Alois Lageder assortment of wines represents the extraordinary diversity of the Alto Adige region and its wide range of grape varieties. The wines are made from grapes grown in the vineyards owned by the Lageder family - about 50 hectares - which are cultivated according to biodynamic principles and from grapes grown in the vineyards owned by long-term partnering grape growers. This close cooperation with contractual vintners from different areas in Alto Adige represents a fundamental component of the company history. The sustainable approach to agriculture was extended also to the winery´s architecture. In fact, “Bringing nature indoors”, was the goal of the construction of the new cellars inaugurated in 1995. The project was soon recognized as the harbinger of a boom in contemporary architecture in Alto Adige.

Weingut Pfitscher

Architecture creates wine experience. This is why we displaced the Pfitscher estate from the heart of Montagna into the middle of the vineyards – creating a new winery which merges discreetly with the landscape despite its modernity. Accurate and gentle handling of resources was important to us during the construction of our new winery. We question every single working step and consider which site offers the best potential. A down-to-earth character and much passion are fundamental, as well as innovation and nature-loving attitude. It is our goal to preserve traditions founded by our ancestors and meliorate them in continuation.

St. Pauls Winery

The gentle hills, the vines, the climate boasting 300 days of sunshine: both a gift and the origin of uniquely fine wines. In St. Pauls, you can taste the reverence for nature, the variety of the soils and the personality of the winegrowers. It is our firm belief that winemaking is something wondrous, an affair of both the heart and the mind. Founded in 1907, our winery has for generations been focused on tradition, sustainability and topquality wines, all dedicated to the divine delights of our products.

St. Pauls has a fascinating natural variety of locations that together make up its terroir. Dating from the last ice age, the hills with their differing soil types offer an ideal setting for each vine. Ideal conditions for excellent quality, complex wines that are bursting with power and elegance.  The experience and sensitivity of our winemaker are matched with the highest quality objectives to ensure an authentic realization of the unique merits of our terroir: complex red and white wines that manifest a perfect symbiosis of fruit, finesse, elegance and minerality.

Andi Sölva

Old vines, free spirit. Artisanal wines with character and quality.

As from 2005 he took over the parental vineyard in Kaltern; Since 2007 he vinifies his own wines, aspiring to demonstrate the uniqueness and variety of the region around the lake Kalterer See. He follows the evolution of the grapes, supports the natural processes and focuses his work exclusively on quality. It is his goal to harvest them at their best state or ripeness. It is a small business: He does much of the work himself, starting with the attentive observation of the vegetation, and ending with the meticulous manual hand-picking. Therefore, the quantity is limited to about 8000 bottles. The vineyards are located in and around Kaltern. The "Riegel Pulvernoa" (around 300m. a.s.l.) is planted with 80 to 100 year-old vine grape varieties of "Groß- and Mittervernatsch" and part of it is planted with Cabernet Franc and Tannat. The "Riegel Barleit" (around 400m. a.s.l.) is cultivated exclusively with "Weissburgunder" (pinot Blanc). The third site (around 420m. a.s.l.) lies in the district of Oberplanitzing and since 2008 it is planted with "Riesling". A special peculiarity is the collaboration - "Viribus Unitis" - with his colleague Norbert Kofler, from the vineyard Kiemberger in Terlan. Together they already developed a superb cuvee from Lagrein and Tannat, a real collector's item, and a delicate Rosè.


The Tiefenbrunner family is fully committed to the wine-growing tradition since 1848. Today Christof and his wife Sabine stand behind the name Castel Turmhof winery. Their aim is to blend the traditions of many years with new and innovative developments. Thus, the preservation of the character of the grape varieties, and of the high quality of the grapes themselves, remain the basic principle of the work in the vineyards and the cellars. Altogether 25 hectares of vines are owned and cultivated by the Tiefenbrunner family. They also purchase grapes from surrounding vineyards with a total cultivated area of 40 hectares. The average annual production is 750,000 bottles, of which 70% are white wines and the remainder red.


The Loacker family has been a pioneer of organic-biodynamic viticulture in Italy and Europe since 1979. Pure wine enjoyment with creations from South Tyrol and Tuscany, which skillfully steps out of line, impresses every passionate wine expert. Vernatsch and Lagrein are typical South Tyrolean grape varieties and are cultivated on 7 hectares of vineyard. International varieties, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon also grow well on the steep slopes above Bolzano.

Take a break from the heat and crowds of Bolzano and drive to Sanct Justina along the Rittnerstrasse.  The historic winery Loacker, with its modern SKYWINE PAVILLON, gives you a great view of the Rosengarten while looking down on Bolzano.

Cantina Terlano

Long life, complexity and character - these are the primary features of Cantina Terlano's quality wines. This is due primarily to the high mineral content of the Terlano soils, which has positive effects in terms of stability and gives the wines a striking freshness and full body to go with their long life. In 1893, 24 local wine growers set up a joint production, sales and marketing organisation. That was the beginning of one of the first winery co-operatives in South Tirol. Today the Terlano Winery has about a 120 members with an average cultivated area of 160 hectares, which makes it one of South Tyrol's smaller wineries. It's compact size is a big advantage in terms of quality assurance. The Cantina Terlano has a unique wine archive, housing some 100,000 bottles covering every vintage since 1955, as well as some earlier ones.

Pfannenstielhof, Pfeifer Johannes
Cantina Girlan

The Cantina Girlan was founded in 1923 in an ancient farmstead from the XVI century. Back then - 90 years ago - 23 winegrowers laid the foundation stones of what was later to become the winery we see today. The walls, steeped in ancient tradition, and the labyrinthine corridors of the cellar harbour the secrets of state-of-the-art winemaking
technology and hold the ideal conditions for ageing our wines. In 2010, work was started to modernize the cellar and bring it into line with modern technical standards.
Today, about 200 greatly committed and motivated winegrowers and their families farm an area covering about 215 hectares of vineyards in the best production areas of Oltradige and Bassa Atesina. Our enologist, Gerhard Kofler, keeps in close personal contact with the winegrowers and provides his professional advice during the growing season. This beneficial exchange of expertise sets the foundations for producing highest quality wines.

Our tenets
We pursue the following main objectives: we seek, on one hand, to showcase and promote the historic local grape varieties (Vernatsch, Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon and Pinot Noir) and on the other, to create impressive characterful wines using international grape varieties yet keeping them closely connected to the land. This is all achieved while respecting nature's flow and rhythms.

Winery Bolzano

Thanks to the latest cellaring techniques, technical know-how, decades of experimenting in perfection and great affection for its products, the Cantina Bolzano meets the highest quality standards and produces first-class wines that are unique and distinctive. “Our passion and devotion allow us to create rich, inimitable, yet at the same time modern products whose taste always reflects their origins”, recounts oenologist Stephan Filippi. Today the winery, whose history began in 1908, counts 220 members that cultivate 350 hectares (865 acres) of vineyards.
Visit us and taste the diversity!

Distillery Alfons Walcher

Farmers and distillers since 9 generations

In the year 1966 Alfons Walcher began to distill grapes of his own wineyards. His Grappa had a lot of success, so that he started to build up a bigger distillery in the beginning of 1970. Together with his 3 sons he built a new and modern distillery in the year 2003. Due of innovation in products and process, it was possible to open new markets. Today more than 50 % of the production is sold on the Export market.

Roner Distillery

Masters of Taste

It was 1946 when Gottfried Roner set up his first still in the family home and started distilling spirits. After early successes producing grappa, Gottfried, who was enthusiastic about his country and its fruits, decided to expand his operations. By macerating roots and berries from the surrounding forests, as was already the custom, he began to make time-honored products such as gentian, juniper and blueberry liqueur. These products are still among the most popular produced by our distillery today. In the mid-sixties, sons Andreas and Günther Roner joined the company. Since they practically grew up between stills, yet also had the good fortune to inherit the remarkably fine nose of their father, growth of the Roner Distillery accelerated. Andreas Roner took over as CEO and later as president. Günther Roner found his calling as a master distiller and was thus responsible for production. He stood by his brother as vice president. Having already worked from a young age in various departments within the company, Karin Roner took over management from her father, Andreas, in 2007. At the Roner distillery, the traditional phases of distillation are enriched by other worthy ingredients, such as the desire for perfection and the experience of three generations.

L. PSENNER Distillery

L. PSENNER Distillery – tradition and passion

Each drop of fine marc and fruit brandy is an expression of dedication and passion. The Psenner family discovers this unique world with ability since it's foundation in 1947. L. Psenner offers a wide range of superb quality distillates, all of which capture the flavours of fruit grown in South Tyrol. The mixture of Mediterranean and Alpine climate, the alternation of warm, sunny days and cool nights all result in sweet, fragrant fruit that ripens slowly with concentrated aromatic, firm pulp. With experience, devotion and intuitive spirit the master distiller retains the magic of distillation to bring into our glasses only the heart of the spirit. The history of the L. Psenner Distillery begins with it's founder Ludwig Psenner. This straightforward and sincere man threw himself at an early age into the task of producing quality marc brandy - known in Italy as Grappa - delving into the recondite processes and mysteries involved. In 1952 Ludwig decided to diversify and apply his skills to the distillation of fruit brandies. Today his grandson Werner continues the distillery's story, which established itself among the elite of the world's producers, confirmed by awards and the praise heaped upon its products by international experts.

Winery Haderburg

Magnificent winery at the southern edge of South Tyrol

A small alley with cypresses and roses leads the visitor to the „Hausmannhof“, a 400-year-old residence within the vineyards. It’s here where the Ochsenreiter family grows their wines after biodinamic principles. Modern machines and ancient cellar walls make white wines like Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer get juicy and perfect balanced, while red wines like Pinot Noir and Merlot-Cabernet develop their best potential in oak barriques. The family owns a second winery in Valle d’Isarco, the „Obermairlhof“. Sylvaner and Riesling grow here and conquer with freshness and minerality. But Haderburg is famous for the „bubbles“. Since 1977 the winery produces high-quality sparkling wines made with their own Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Four different sparkling wines are the result. Various wine guides acknowledge the quality with awards - like for example „Best Italian Sparkling Wine“.

Ansitz Rynnhof

The history of the Rynnhof can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In 1438 the indication of origin "an der Rynnen" appeared for the first time in a document. The property probably takes its name from an open water channel that once ran by. In 1479 the Prince-Bishop of Trento made the estate over as a fiefdom, with its wine-growing lands being mentioned even at that time. Winemaking therefore has a long tradition at the Rynnhof. At the Rynnhof we see to the development of our wine from the vine right to the bottle. Winegrowing is the centerpiece of our agriculture business. Since 2011 our vineyards have been cultivated according to the requirements of organic farming.

Tenuta Kornell

Over 2000 years of viticulture tradition characterize the area of Siebeneich near Terlan. The Kornell Vineyard blends harmonically into the countryside that surrounds it.The warming porphyry rock and steeply rising vineyards catch the sun by day and enjoy cool temperatures at night. Nothing can be achieved without nature, without the perfect terroir for healthy growth with exciting grapes. That is the basis of all else. Passion and a huge sense of responsibility shape the work of Florian Brigl and his young team. This results in wines with a Mediterranean flair, unique charm and down-to-earth character.

Winery A. von Elzenbaum

As one of the oldest home-made winery we cultivate local wines. The care of our vineqards close to the nature and the traditional processing of the grapes guarantee high quality natural wines.

Hofkellerei Willi & Gerlinde Walch

Individuality - that's our motto. You'll see and taste it. The winery was founded in 1977 by Willi Walch and his wife Gerlinde. The aim was, and is, to vinify pure-wine wines with a lot of South Tyrolean character. The indigenous varieties Vernatsch and the Lagrein play the most important role in the production of red wines, which are developed in the large 1,500 liter oak wood barrel or also in the 500 liter tonneaux. For the white wines, the product range almost covers the complete South Tyrolean range, from the Weißburgunder and Chardonnay over the Müller Thurgau and Pinot Grigio to the Gewürztraminer. The Gewürztraminer Rosé with the name "Rotkehlchen" as well as Pinot Rosé, which bears the name "Ingun", can be regarded as distinctive specialties of the Hofkellerei.

Cantina Andrian

"Tradition in motion" - Steeped in time-honored traditions, and dedicated to finding new ways to preserve these traditions for the future - this is the motto of Cantina Andriano, founded in 1893, and the oldest cooperative in Alto Adige. The vineyards are unique to the area, because they are protected to the west by Mount Gantkofel, which is made of calcareous stone. They cover an area of 200° from south-south-east to east at an altitude between 260-340 metres above sea level. For centuries, with passion and dedication, winemakers have captured the character of Andriano's distinctive terroir. Andriano's cooler climatic conditions produce wines with crisp acidity, unique complexity, freshness and elegance.

Wine & Sparkling Wine Braunbach

As from 1200 in possesion of the bishop from brixen the former monastery has been given to the Teutonic Order and today it is a winery of high-ranking position. tip: The alto Adige sparkling wine from Braunbach matures at minimum 36 month on the yeast.

Tenuta Klaus Lentsch

The winery Klaus Lentsch was founded in 2008 by the winemaker Klaus Lentsch. For Klaus the dream to possess his own winery was fulfilled with the purchase of the Hemberg farm at Campodazzo. He started his career with three wines in the assortment and a lot has happened since then. The amount of vineyards growed and he introduced new varieties in the assortment.  In the middle of the vineyards of St. Pauls Klaus Lentsch found in 2013 his permanent home. The spacious new building of the winery Klaus Lentsch stands out with clear lines from the lush greenery all around. A welcoming place to explore the variety of wines from the Valle Isarco, Oltradige and Bassa Atesina. The best conditions are necessary for the winemaker Klaus Lentsch to realize his high quality standards. For him, an enthusiast of wine, the pursuit of quality begins in the vineyard, directly with the soil. Perfection and attention to detail then continue in the cellar and in the marketing in the wine shop Amperg.

Nals Margreid Winery

From a total of 370 acres of land, 140 winegrowers bring top quality grapes to the Nals Margreid Winery. Ecological awareness and a sense of quality influence their work and lead to the excellent harvests from which remarkable wines arise. The winegrowers’ vineyards of the Winery Nals Margreid extend from Nals, a little town between Bozen and Meran (Merano), all the way to Margreid in the sunny, southern reaches of the region, allowing to exploit a remarkable variety of terroirs and locations. Like the excellent wines produced by it, the winery, modernized in 2011, is an expression of the terroir. Thanks to the joining of historical structures and the high standards of modern wine production, a complex of buildings evolved, that perfectly expresses the qualities.


"Rooted in the earth", that's an accurate description of the way we are. Every ounce of our experience, soul and energy has been invested in our wines, the Pinot Nero Riserva and the Gewürztraminer.

Franz Haas

Since its foundation in 1880 the Franz Haas winery passed through seven generations with every firstborn Franz Haas. The winery has been focusing since the very start on expressing the quality of its grapes at their best. Today, Franz Haas works with grapes coming from 55 ha of vineyards between 240m and 1.150m asl. in zones of different microclimatic and geological conditions. Special attention has always been given in using the minimum and most selective chemical substances during cultivation and fertilization. Pinot Nero is the great passion of Franz Haas and therefore it is not surprising that the selection ”Schweizer“ of Pinot Nero is released only during the best seasons. Moscato Rosa and the Cuvée Manna are also among our most famous wines. A distinctive feature are our colorful and expressive labels, they are all the artwork of the famous Italian painter and architect Riccardo Schweizer.

Peter Zemmer

The Peter Zemmer Winery combines unique tradition with advanced knowledge setting new qualitative standards. Since 1928 the Zemmer family has grown and promoted regional high quality wines intensively and ardently. Peter Zemmer produces natural and fine wines known for their excellent character of origin expressively combining the peculiarity of a unique terrain.

Winery Kurtatsch

Kurtatsch Winery is one of Alto Adige's oldest and smallest cooperative wineries, and one of the best wine producers in the region. Its vineyard sites are unique in Alto Adige, with a wide array of soil types and elevations ranging from 220 to 900 meters. All of this dictates the philosophy of the province’s southernmost cooperative: to produce distinctive wines that reflect their growing site, their terroir, in the best way possible.


We - Ingrid and Arthur Rainer - have gone the indirect way, looked around and permanently learned. As a consequence, we want to go an open, modern and future-oriented way. In 2013 a new milestone was set. For the first time all the grapes of the family-owned vineyards were vinified in our cellars.

Ritterhof Winecellar

Embeded in the midst of mountains and vineyards along the Southtyrolean Wine-Road there is the vine-village Kaltern and exactly here, on Wine-Road Nr.1 is situated the vinery Ritterhof. The small vinery is lead with devotion by the family of Roner from Tramin. From generation to generation passed traditions, harmony with nature in combination with latest technology are the base of the production of fruity white wines and full bodied red wines. The careful cultivation of the vineyards in harmony with nature is the basis of the vinery's philosophy.

Winery Peter Sölva

The expression from the wines comes from two micro-zones - Oltreadige and Bassatesina. The philosophy in wine-growing is in line with the 3 Selections I Vigneti, DeSilva and Amistar.

Vigneti: Classical overview from the Alto Adige's wine world with typical varieties in different areas.

DeSilva: old vineyards and the aim is to allow the identification mark of the ground to prevail.

Amistar: the identification mark of the family and remembers the roots.

By using a proportion of late vintage grapes (very ripe crop of grapes) and by choosing special varieties of grapes, they produce a superior class of white- and red-blend with extravagance in fragrance and flavour.

Weingut T. Pichler
Weingut Unterhofer Thomas

The winegrower and cellarmaster Andergassen Oskar and his son Hannes are focusing on maintaining tradition in combination with modern cellar techniques. Harvests by hand, gently pressing processes, controlled fermentations and the aging process in wood tanks ensure wines of high quality. Since 1999 we are producing red and white wine. The whole production is processed, vinified and bottled in our winery.

Castel Sallegg

“only if you truly love something, you can persist and continue improving. Taking care of the vineyards during the seasons, manual harvest, detailed work in the cellar does not makes us tiered but stimulates us …” For more the 100 years, awareness of history, tradition and responsibility has been rooted deeply in the family of the Counts von Kuenburg. Here in best area surrounding Lake Caldaro, on the softly sloping hillsides and in this ideal climate the Sallegg Castle’s wines are produced. The unique interaction of the landscape, the composition of the soil and the mutual influences of Mediterranean and Alpine climates give the wines of Sallegg Castle their incomparable character.


For almost a century, Kettmeir has been an important component of the Alto Adige wine tradition. Founded in 1919 at the end of the First World War by Giuseppe Kettmeir, the Caldaro winery has traversed the revolutions of the Twentieth century to achieve considerable accomplishments. It was, for example, one of the first wineries to explore the path of international markets; to have radically transformed production techniques during the economic boom years; to have embarked on qualifying production ranges by promoting bottled products rather than the traditional sale of cask wine; to have imagined a future for the production of sparkling wine choosing the long Metodo Charmat fermentation system followed by the Metodo Classico (tradition method). Throughout it all, the winery maintained a very close relationship with the surrounding natural, economic and social environment, preserving the bond with the one-in-a-million legacy of its territory. One example of this is the actual wine cellar which has kept its original architectural style of the first post-war period in testimony of the value of its roots; another much more important example for us is the bond with its consultants, who have continued to work with Kettmeir, generation after generation, since 1919, applying strict qualitative protocols.

Winery Caldaro

Cantina Kaltern has its roots in Kaltern’s four original winery cooperatives. 1986 saw the merger of the Erste Kellerei and the Neue Kellerei (founded in 1900 and 1925 respectively), and in 1992 the Bauernkellerei and the Jubiläumskellerei (founded in 1906 and 1908) also merged to form Kellerei Kaltern. The last step in the creation of a combined winery was taken in 2016. Today Cantina Kaltern it is a co-op winery of 700 families that look after the almost 490 ha of vineyards. The winery is a landmark for the wines produced in the Lake Kaltern area and the wine under the famous appellation of “Kalterersee” travels the world. They offer moments of relaxed, light heartedness and trigger the wanderlust of experience this unique region. The winery gets deeply involved in the preservation of the local traditions, the rural culture and the land of Caldaro as a whole, land which has always been heritage of the locals.




The 'Messnerhof', a small winery that is specialized in the production of high-quality wine. It is situated in St. Peter, at the outskirts of Bozen/Bolzano and in the middl of the wine-growing area of the 'St. Magdalener'-wine. 

Winery Teutsch

The family winery process red wines like Lagrein, Merlot, Cabernet and amongst other the Schiava and the Gewürztraminer (the only white wine). The 'Teroldego', which grows here till 100 years, maturate at this point splendidly.

Josef Brigl

Since the 14th century Brigl has been synonymous with wine grape growing and winemaking tradition. Only carefully selected grapes from the very best vineyards arrive in our cellar to be transformed into wines of great character. As with all exceptional wines, the quality begins in the vineyard. Only an excellent grape harvest will yield a truly exceptional wine.

Tenuta H. Lentsch

Stroblhof Winery

Stroblhof is a farm (‘maso’) with a long viticultur tradition: as early as 1600 documents mention winegrowing at this estate. It seems that from these early times, grapes were grown here at the base of the steep cliffs of the Mendelpass and benefitted from the optimal soils and unique diurnal temperatures variation. We continue to work hard at this farm – both in the vineyards and the cellars – with the single minded scope of producing top quality wine. The low and select production allows us to guarantee the high quality of the wines. In fact, from 5.5 hectares, we only produce a maximum of 40,000 bottles, half of which is white, the other red. The altitude of 500 meters above sea level is an additional advantage to producing wines of unique character, good acidity, and with a good aging potential. Stroblhof ranks with the top estates of South Tyrol and is the founding member of the small growers association, “Vignaioli dell’Alto Adige.”

Hans Rottensteiner Winery

The Rottensteiner family is one of the most ancient families of South Tyrol and its connection to the wine here has lasted for many generations. This is also reflected in the family name, which derives from the red-colored rock of the mountains around Bolzano, the porphyry. Founded in 1956 by Hans Rottensteiner the winery is now leaded by his son Toni and his grandson Hannes. The return to our ancestry and to the continuation of traditions are important guideposts for the daily work.

Malojer, Gummerhof

Griesbauerhof winery lies at the foot of the hills of St. Magdalena and St. Justina in the suburb of Rentsch in Bozen. Since 1785, the Mumelter family has been shaping the history of Griesbauerhof winery and Georg Mumelter understands this tradition as an important task to carry out. He aims at preserving and handing down the decennial expertise of his family going on to write the history of Griesbauerhof winery by his own hand. Tradition and expertise pulsate here at 300 metres above sea level following a yearly rhythm, from farming to harvest in the vineyard, up to bottling and ageing in the winery cellar. In the newly built tasting room, wood and bright shapes create an ideal atmosphere to taste and fully enjoy wine. A distinctive trait of the winery: to produce Isarcus, the branches of the vine are partially cut and grapes are allowed to wither. This is the reason why the moments of cut and harvest are so crucial.

Winery Schmid Oberrautner

The winery Schmid Oberrautner was founded in the 14th century. Since these days the family has always been owner of the vineyards and some fields in the plains of Bolzano. The viticulture of Gries - meanwhile a part of Bolzano - mainly consists of a grape called Lagrein, an original grape of this zone. Today the Tenuta Schmid Oberrautner is the most ancient local winery and proud to be able to follow the traditions considering as well today's technology. They have produced 96.000 bottles of wine on more than nine hectares with seven types of grapes and four different types of Lagrein. After his studies in Franconia (Germany) the owner and oenologist Florian Schmid has completely renovated the wine cellar and the vines. Fundamental was his choice to continue like in the olden days. Only traditional machines are used (no concentrators, no micro-oxidation) to produce the wine. But however the most important thing remains the quality of the grapes, which is unavoidably connected to the production zone. In the last years the winery has always aimed at keeping their good quality in due proportion to the prizes and at producing smooth and typical wines. Schmid Oberrautner is selling their wines to wholesalers in Italy as well as in foreign countries.

From January 2020 we are rebuilding our wine farm and in June our new holiday apartments will be ready. Therefore we have new opening hours from January. From Monday to Friday our wine shop is open from 10 to 12 and from 14 to 18 o'clock, the vinotheque remains closed. Due to the reconstruction we can only accept events and guided tours after consultation and on advance booking.



Strickerhof Estate

The Strickerhof is since 1834 in family estate (Schlafferhof). In 1907 Josef Paul Kasseroller established a new yard place, the Strickerhof, where he led a commercial wine cellar in addition to agricultural enterprise. In 1998 the entire enterprise was changed over to organically-biological cultivation (Bioland guidelines). The humus - rich, sandy loamy soils are suitable for the cultivation of red wines. Also apples, pears and different stone fruit prosper magnificently. Besides different fruit juices are manufactured. The Strickerhof is located in the south-west of Bolzano.

Maso Thaler

The winery Maso Thaler was founded in 2004. It is the realization of a family project that started over twenty years ago with the decision by the Motta family to leave Rome and move to this wonderful place to follow a passion: winemaking. The early remodeling and reorganization of the vineyards and fields led to the pioneering choice of substituting the pergola typical of the Trentino region with trellis vineyards – the Guyot. Today, all 3.5 hectares are Guyot vineyards.

K. Martini & Sohn

Our family company was founded in 1979 by Gabriel and his father Karl. Both had been working for several years in the wine sector before deciding to start their own business. To create a winery from nothing was a great deal of hard work. The first bottles were filled, closed and labelled by hand (we are pleased that nowadays machines do the work for us). In the vineyards both we and our suppliers pay attention to high quality. In the winery itself it is entirely up to us to produce good wine from the precious grapes. From the start our business was very small, so there was actually no alternative other than to let our wines speak for themselves. Only quality and friendly service justify the existence of a small family company!

Winery Lorenz Martini

The name "Thurnhof" means 'close to a tower' and was first documented in 1175. It was situated beneath the castle 'Weinegg' and was subject to the Lords of Weinegg. Since 1850 the estate has been owned by the family Berger-Mumelter. Today Hans and Andreas Berger work hard in the steep vineyards to produce high quality wines. Thurnhof ist a small wine estate comprising 3.5 hectares (8,64 acres) of vineyards located on the south-facing slopes of the Virgl hill to the south-east of Bolzano. The warm climate of the Bolzano valley basin, with high temperatures in summer and autumn and plenty of sunshine enable even the most late-ripening grape varieties to produce perfectly mature fruit on a regular basis. The soils are porous, consisting of moraine debris and supply the vines with ample nourishment and water. We are firmly convinced that concentrated wines can only be produced by low yieldings vines, whereby yields are restricted by short pruning, thinning out the grapes in summer and through time consuming work controlling excess foliage and shoots. In the winery we combine state-of-the-art technology with taditional manual methods aimed at preserving all the natural aromas, flavours and other substances which have accumulated in the grapes in order to express them in the finished wine. The resulting wines are exploding with fruit and varietal character, held together by formidable structure.

Peter Dipoli Estate

For Peter Dipoli the producer's job is to transform the grapes - as they arrive from the vineqards - into wines that express the characteristics of soil, habitat and growing season. 1987 this was the impuls to put his passion for wine to become a wine producer.

Vineyard Larcherhof

The vineyard 'Larcherhof' has been in the possession of the Egger-Spögler family since 1893. The history of the 'Larcherhof' as a vineyard can be traced back for centuries. A visible sign for that history are the impressive looking, more than one hundred years old vine stocks of the Lagrein, as well as the old wine cellar. In 2008, the Spögler family made the decision to press and bottle the wine on their own and run the 'Larcherhof' as a wine-press house with regional vine sorts. We also offer wine tastings. You are welcome to try the wines at the “Larcherhof”.

Mayr Josephus - Unterganzner Estate

The Unterganznerhof of Josephus Mayr in Kardaun/Cardano is a farm estate at the eastern edge of Bozen/ Bolzano, located at an altitude of 285 m a.s.l. in the St. Magdalener area with its typical porphyry rock. It has been owned by the Mayr family since 1629. Here, the Eggental creek flows into the Eisack river and the valley leads into the basin of Bozen. As a consequence, there is always good air circulation at the Unterganznerhof. The prerequisites are ideal for growing South Tyrolean wines such as Lagrein, Lagreiner Kretzer and St. Magdalener. But the Unterganznerhof also produces Cabernet Kampill, the Cuvèe "Composition Reif", and Lamarein as well as excellent white wines such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Kerner. For many years, no herbicides and artificial fertilizers have been used at the Unterganznerhof, because for Josephus Mayr quality is more important than quantity. He also grows figs, nuts and chestnuts and for some time now also olives, from which he produces South Tyrol's first and Italy’s most northern olive oil.


The wine farm Kandlerhof is located in the municipality of Bozen in the wine-growing region South Tyrol. The vineyard area covers an acreage of two hectares where the vines are trained to grow on the pergola. The grapes are Schiava (Vernatsch), Lagrein, Merlot and Sauvignon. The wines mature in an old arched cellar according to type and layer. White wines are stored in the steel tank an red wines in a large wooden barrel (oak). We produce about 20.000 bottles of wine every year.

CEO estate

Tenuta CEO is a small winery in the South of Bassa Atesina - South of Südtirol - Alto Adige. Here the oenologist Dietrich Ceolan is cultivating the own vineyards in the third generation and is creating seven wines. 2016 Dietrich Ceolan took over the paternal business and renewed it. Amongst changings in the vineyards and cellar, he found an associate for administration and sales in Michael Scalet. This duo dedicates their time to the creation and selling of straight and special wines. Having the focus on sustainability and quality and appling to satisfy the final consumer. Next to the Cellar of Tenuta CEO you can find the vine tavern 'Dürer Schänke' were it's possible to taste and buy some special vines, or to slacken off the day on a glass of wine. You are welcome, come and visit us!

Winery Eberlehof, Zisser
MURI-GRIES - Wine Estate / Monastery Cellar

In the heart of Bolzano, at Piazza Gries and nevertheless a bit hidden inside the walls of the Benedictine monastery - that´s where the monastery cellar of MURI-GRIES is situated. In the ancient cellars mature wines that mirror the particularities of their variety and terroir as well as the great passion and high demands of quality they are produced with. At the basis of the wine production is the monastery´s wine estate with a total of 35 ha of vinyards in and around Bolzano and Appiano. The focus of MURI-GRIES lies on red wines, as they represent 80% of the production. Special attention is dedicated to Lagrein, a native variety of the area. Among the products of MURI-GRIES can be found the traditional Lagrein Rosè, the classical Lagrein and the Lagrein Riserva „Abtei Muri“.

Laimburg Province Winery

Laimburg Province Winery was established in 1975 as part of the Laimburg Research Center in Italy’s alpine Alto Adige region. With 20 total hectares of vineyards located in various cultivation areas, soils, and microclimates ranging from 200-750 meters in altitude. Laimburg’s celebrated, award-winning wines (90.000 bottles) are divided into two stylistically distinguished product lines: - Estate Wines are traditional varietal wines with classic South Tyrolean character, traditionally vinified in stainless steel tanks. - Manor Selection is composed of singular, specially selected wines and distinguished by names derived from the ancient Raeto-Romanic legends of the Dolomite.

Winery Ora

The alpine microclimate, mitigated by the Mediterranean influence, together with the dolomitic soil, calcareous and clayish, create in South Tyrol the ideal environment to produce excellent wines, appreciated all over the world for their minerality, structure and unique flavors.
Kellerei Auer wines are the result of the passion of expert oenologists, who are very devoted to this area and select the best grapes of the region for genuine wines with a strong character.

Weingut Waldthaler Clemens

The estate lies at the heart of the Lagrein and Pinot Nero area in the historic village centre of Auer: it is run by Clemens Waldthaler, the seventh generation of his family to do so. The high quality of the wines is the result of the consistent quality philosophy applied both in the vineyard and the cellar. 30% of production is represented by white wines such as Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, while the rest is made up of red wines, such as Pinot Nero, Lagrein, Merlot, Cabernet and Vernatsch (Schiava). The best of the Lagrein, Merlot and Cabernet grapes are vinified and bottled under the RAUT brand, a registered trademark.



37 Gastronomy

Goldene Traube

The newly renovated restaurant is located right in the center of Termeno, where guests and locals can enjoy the great atmosphere. Directly from the terrace the movement of the village can be observed.

The menu is decorated both with regional as well as with some special dishes. The wine menu is enriched by various wines from Alto Adige winegrowers, including those from the own village.

The restaurant in the home village of the Gewürztraminer is a true pleasure place, where taste and experience are united.

Restaurant Apollonia

Located close to the chapel of the same name, this member of the "Südtiroler Gasthaus" group is a great place for lovers of regional cuisine. And they love to walk to the guesthouse: There is a hiking trail leading to this family-operated business at 930 metres asl located above Sirmiano offering a wonderful view of the Dolomites.

The Geiser Family has been welcoming guests since 1962. In the kitchen, mother and son make up a creative team by combining traditional recipes with a contemporary spirit. And the table decorations are also creative - the bread basket was designed by a South Tyrolean artist.

In the Appolonia, mainly seasonal products are used of course: berries from the on-site garden are used for fruit juices and fruit spreads which can be purchased for home.

Fichtenhof pensione & ristorante

The mountain village of Caprile lies in front of the Monte Corno Nature Park, in the most southern part of the region. This is the home of the Pardatscher Family. In their guesthouse they offer healthy food made from seasonal farm produce and agricultural products from the nearby surroundings.

Dishes with dandelion and herbs or home-made bread from the wooden stove. The taste of South Tyrolean slow food. Ulli, the sommelier at the Fichtenhof, will suggest the best wines from local wineries to go with your dish.

Enjoy the fruity aroma of the wine in your nose while looking at the beautiful landscape of the Bassa Atesina region with mountain chains in the backdrop. What more could one want?

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Restaurant Girlaner Hof

Spoiled by the sun, surrounded by orchards and vineyards reaching all the way to the door, the attentive service, these are characteristic of the Girlanerhof in the Girlano wine village. Food lovers can enjoy the excellent cooking skills of the chef and wines from the well assorted wine cellar on the sun terrace or in the elegant dining room.

Alpine meets Mediterranean. Traditions meet modern inputs. The menu includes the traditional Terlano white wine soup, pumpkin ravioli, South Tyrolean cheese dumplings and home-made pasta dishes. As a matter of course the dishes are always refined with seasonal produce from the region whenever possible.

Restaurant Gretl am See

The sound of cheering glasses in the moonlight. The gentle breeze of the lake. Joyful voices. What sounds like a film scene, is reality at Gretl am See. Klaus Maran and his family have been successfully managing the Restaurant for many years. The unique location at Caldaro Lake is amazing.

During the day you can choose from varied ice-cream bowls and refreshing drinks on the vast lake terrace. Once the sun goes down behind the mountains and the lake guests of the nearby Lido start leaving, you will be spoiled with summery creations from the Gretl am See kitchen.

Hence, for some, the charm of a summer night at Caldaro Lake with a good glass of wine, means the greatest moment of happiness.

Restaurant Patauner

Even the look of the historic guesthouse dating back to 1664 says it all: Here, time stands still. A gently renovated building with thick walls, old wooden doors and antique pictures are responsible for the amazing flair of this place.

Living traditions for your plate can be experienced in the traditional wood-panelled Stube rooms or on the cosy terrace. Heinz and his son Florian are the master chefs, while Vroni looks after the guests who can look forward to some regional, refined cuisine with fresh ingredients.

Patauner is a board member of the "Südtiroler Gasthaus" group which processes fruit, vegetables and herbs from the private garden. In autumn, the kitchen offer is expanded by the addition of mushrooms, chestnuts, turnips and local game. The highlight in spring is of course the asparagus.

Restaurant Schwarz Adler

At the Schwarz Adler they served wine as far back as in the 17th century. With the re-opening in 2007 by the Pomella Family, the close connection to wine continues. Not only do they sell wines, at the wine bar and in the Restaurant you can also taste a glass of selected South Tyrolean wines.

Drink pleasure accompanied by creative dishes based on alpine-Mediterranean cooking traditions. Various meat specialties are prepared on a special charcoal grill.

Even the eyes get spoiled: the historic flair of the building was maintained thanks to architectonic sensitivity. Clear and simple shapes perfectly harmonise with the old vaults.

Restaurant Vögele

Mentioned for the first time in 1277 and since 1840 in the possession of the Kamaun Family, there are many stories about the "Roter Adler" (Red Eagle). Apparently Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a guest here, and those who wanted to participate at the secret meetings during war times, had to say the code word "Vögele".

Still today, people meet at the Vögele for business and leisure. Various guest rooms, amongst which a newly interpreted Biedermeier room guarantee for a stylish ambience.

Popular classics: "Erdäpfelblattln" (fried potato pastries) made with grandma's recipe and the "Stockfish mix", which are prepared by the kitchen team in a creative and refined way.

Restaurant Ritterhof

Founded in 1968, the small Ritterhof Winery with the Ritterhof Restaurant, produces South Tyrolean top quality wines, bearing the signature of wine grower Ludwig Kaneppele since 1999.

The Restaurant has been recently renovated and the clear ambience now mirrors the philosophy of host Arnold Kemenater: scaled back to the essentials, there is nothing which could distract your attention from the central topic – taste alone should be at the centre of attention.

Sometimes, you might get distracted by the beautiful view and the Ritterhof wines and the excellent food could also become a minor matter. Caldaro Lake, vineyards and blue skies compete vying to draw your attention to them.

Gasthof Goldener Löwe

The landscape of Montagna is characterised by vineyards full of Pinot Noir, sunny hills and well looked-after gardens, and the ancient Goldener Löwe Guesthouse on the village square. Constructed in the 14th century, the guesthouse plays an important role in the history of this small village at the South Tyrolean Wine Road.

This becomes obvious when entering the dining room: here you dine in the presence of the noble Habsburg family. The impressive frescos with their coat of arms dating back to the 16th century were only recently unveiled.

In this historic ambience you can enjoy the traditional cuisine offered by host and chef de cuisine Harald Pichler. He successfully combines South Tyrolean cuisine with Italian influences.

Restaurant Pillhof

Cypresses "swing" in the gentle evening breeze, wine shelves decorate the walls, and the inner courtyard is lit up by candles. The Pillhof manor in Appiano at the South Tyrolean Wine Road appeals to all your senses.

Once an impressive farm dating back to the 15th century, the building was converted to a Restaurant with wine bar, which successfully combines ancient elements with modern architecture.

South Tyrolean wines, Champagne or sparkling wine: the wine list awaits you with the most noble labels, and the menu will amaze your palate too. Cold and warm dishes prepared in a creative way with seasonal produce.

Restaurant zur Rose

In the former court building of San Michele/Appiano, you can taste the creations of a passionate pioneer of noble South Tyrolean cuisine: Herbert Hintner, South Tyrolean top chef and initiator of numerous food projects.

His new interpretation of the traditional art of cooking and his excellent wine recommendations enthuse even the most demanding critics: The Zur Rose Restaurant has defended its Michelin star since 1995, two toques by Gault Millau and other awards followed after.

His creations are served in a pleasant ambience: the cosy Rosenstübele room with bright wood-panelled walls, the small vaulted room furnished in traditional style.

Restaurant Hofstätter Garten

Enjoy tasty specialities, a cosy atmosphere, and the exciting wine culture in the village centre of Termeno. Guests can look forward to moments of culinary and gastronomic pleasure. The friendly and professional staff offers advice on choosing the perfect wine to match every meal. The home-made wines go with traditional dishes and international delights. The stylish ambience of the restaurant highlights the close connection between wine farmers and gourmets.

Restaurant Jäger

Restaurant Jäger is embedded in the beautiful and breathtaking South Tyrolean landscape. Guests visiting the restaurant are always amazed by the panoramic view of the Dolomites (particularly the Catinaccio Mountain) and the Monzoccolo. The restaurant is ideal for families with children, and for hikers and cyclists.                                             

The varied cuisine offers everything your heart longs for-from a rustic hiking dish to international specialities. The loving preparation of seasonal and creative dishes mirrors the passion for cooking of the young team of chefs. Depending on the season, many of the ingredients come from Grandma's garden.

Restaurant Löwengrube

As the oldest guesthouse in Bolzano, Restaurant Löwengrube looks back on a long tradition. The original, neo-Gothic 'Stube' room and the painted ceilings in the smaller dining rooms introduce visitors to the history of the restaurant. A large dining room with a show kitchen awaits you on the first floor.

The kitchen crew spoils guests with lovingly prepared dishes. Chef Michael Meister is a true master of his profession.

The fascinating wine selection comprises more than 1,000 labels. The variety of wines appeals to wine lovers and reaches far beyond regional borders. 

Restaurant La Piazzetta

The former town hall in the village centre of the historic wine village Egna re-opened in 2016. It has already become one of the most stylish and modern restaurants in the area. Basic architectural elements have been preserved to mirror the original construction of the building. The interplay between old and young provides the restaurant with a special charm.

In addition to Italian and alpine specialities, the restaurant also offers gourmet cuisine. Pasta delicacies, fish and meat dishes, and even vegetarian options are prepared with professionalism and passion. The regional and seasonal ingredients are of high quality, and used to prepare many local and national dishes. The result: a creative menu with delicious dishes and matching wines.

Patscheider Hof

The family-run restaurant has been greeting guests with tasty South Tyrolean specialities for many decades. Highly recommended is the most popular dish on their menu: dumplings. If you like dumplings, you will love Patscheider Hof.

The menu also includes Italian delights and diners enjoy the Mediterranean flair of the ambience. Many products are home-grown - like the home-made wines Müller Thurgau and Vernatsch.

The sun terrace offers a splendid view of the Catinaccio Mountain. And the old yet cosy 'Stube' rooms provide the ideal setting for relaxation and pleasure. 

Restaurant Paulser Hof

The spacious rooms offer plenty of space for visitors. For many years now, the restaurant has been drawing diners with its Tyrolean delights, making sure to preserve the finest food traditions. The menu, however, also includes Italian and international dishes. 

The host personally recommends the perfect wine to match every dish. In addition to South Tyrolean wines, the selection also includes Italian wines to make every meal a perfect experience.

Restaurant Paradeis Vineria

The Vineria Paradeis dedicates all its attention to creating a culinary and gastronomic experience to remember. It uses organic, regional, and seasonal products to offer dishes of the highest quality. The focus lies on a light and fresh preparation of meals involving only a little meat.

The combination of good food and a glass of tasty wine lets you forget everything around you for a moment. The service staff offers professional wine advice. 

Sit at the open fireplace in winter or the idyllic inner courtyard in summer to enjoy the cosy ambience. 

Restaurant Taberna Romani

Chef de cuisine and host Armin Pernstich is an expert in his field. He creates memorable moments with tasty dishes, selected wines, and the special atmosphere of Romani Manor. Dine in the idyllic garden or the historic rooms.

Refined Italian and regional dishes are prepared using high-quality seasonal products. These are sourced from selected local farmers and form the highlight of the menu.

The wine list offers high-quality options, too. The Taberna Romani offers top wines mainly from South Tyrol to match each of the tasty dishes.

Restaurant Rungghof

The gourmet restaurant is surrounded by vineyards, orchards, and forests. Enjoy the perfect interplay between nature and culinary delights.

Junior chef Manuel Ebner creates culinary treats by combining traditional and Mediterranean cuisine. The use of locally sourced regional and seasonal products mirrors the sustainable philosophy of the restaurant.

Be it a business lunch or a culinary intermezzo during a holiday, Rungghof offers beautiful places to relax over a meal. Look forward to a glass of wine and lovingly prepared food. These are best enjoyed under the vines in the garden or in one of the traditional 'Stube' rooms. 

Restaurant Seegarten

The restaurant stands on the shores of the warmest bathing lake in the Alps. It offers splendid views of the Leuchtenburg Castle and the natural scenery. All this gives the restaurant a unique Mediterranean vibe.

Chef de cuisine Herbert Bachmann spoils visitors with delicious South Tyrolean and Mediterranean dishes, as well as creative dessert variations. Accompanied by selected wines, the lovingly prepared dishes are served on the lake terrace and in comfortable dining rooms. Head here on warm summer evenings. 

Restaurant Stroblhof

With great passion and a focus on perfection, the Stroblhof kitchen crew creates South Tyrolean and Mediterranean dishes. Enjoy a delicious meal along with fine home-grown wines. Be ready for a culinary experience of the highest level. The cosy ambience of the restaurant and the spacious terrace ensure a pleasurable experience.

Only ecological and fresh products are used to prepare the dishes. This is also mirrored by the vast breakfast buffet offered every morning. 

Restaurant Grill Spuntloch

At Restaurant Spuntloch, every guest is treated like a king. The owners, Jerry and Renate Gius, strive to fulfil every wish of their guests. The kitchen team creates delicious Tyrolean dishes and Italian specialities. And the expert service staff recommends top wines from the vast wine selection.

The cosy rooms date back to 1731 and tell their own stories. The restaurant is located close to the Caldaro village centre and is a great asset for the wine village.

Restaurant Seehofkeller

The historic wine village dating back to the 16th century is located close to Lake Caldaro and surrounded by vineyards. The breathtaking panorama, the quiet location, and the direct view of the lake from the terrace make a visit to this restaurant a special experience. Exquisite cuisine and a large selection of South Tyrolean wines complete the gourmet experience at Seehofkeller.

Order light Mediterranean dishes in summer. And try out the regional specialities and 'Törggele' offers in autumn. Every dish shows the kitchen crew’s love for detail. 

Restaurant Turmbach

The restaurant focuses on high-quality ingredients. Using regional and seasonal products and herbs from their own garden is a part of the restaurant's philosophy. 

The menu includes freshly prepared antipasti, starters, and main courses featuring fish and meat. The restaurant also has its own dessert variations. And the wine list includes a fine selection of South Tyrolean wines.

The stylish and comfortably furnished restaurant has a garden area, too. Guests can dine here under the old apple trees in spring and summer. 

Restaurant Albergo Terzer

The restaurant is one of the hotspots in the Bolzano region. Enjoy delicious food in cosy and bright dining rooms or under the wine pergola on the terrace. 

Order a pizza from the wooden stove, Mediterranean dishes, or barbecue specialities. Flavour enhancers are scorned in Chef Valentin's kitchen. He focuses all his attention on regional and seasonal products instead.

Besides the stylish ambience and the tasty menus, guests will notice the passion for wine mirrored in the vast wine list. 

Battisti Wine Bar

Wine lovers have to know her: Greti Battisti. Her Wine Bar has been a popular address in the wine village of Caldaro for many years. She was awarded the "South Tyrol - Prize for Wine Culture 2009" and knows exactly how to spoil her guests with South Tyrolean wines. She says: "Taste has many sides. Our wines surprise with a lot of unique sensual experiences."

Together with her family, a lot of passion and competence, she has been managing the charming Wine Bar since 1972. In addition to selected red and white wines from South Tyrol, the assortment includes high-quality Grappas, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dried and pickled specialties and much more.

Castelfeder Wineshop

The new Wineshop of the winery Castelfeder is located in the heart of Neumarkt.

Guided cellar tours with tasting in Kurtinig by registration only.

Gutsschenke Castel Ringberg

Along the South Tyrolean Wine Road you can see Castel Ringberg in a beautiful location amidst vineyards. Constructed by the Habsburg family in 1620, it is not only a beautiful building, it is also the cradle of the Elena Walch wines. The renaissance castle is surrounded by 20 hectares of vineyards. The best wines of South Tyrolean wine growers mature in the castle's barrique cellar.

Amidst the picturesque hillside and with a view of Caldaro Lake, the Gutsschenke Castel Ringberg serves home-made wine and small snacks. This charming place is just perfect, to taste the wines of the single vineyard locations visited during a guided tour.

Enoteca Johnson & Dipoli

If you are on a pleasure tour through Egna at the South Tyrolean Wine Road, you will have to stop at Enzo Degasperi. The lively host and wine expert has been managing the "Enoteca" wine bar with great passion and style for the past 25 years.

More than 200 different wines from South Tyrol, Trentino and further afield are stored in the old shelves, antique bistro tables are lined up in front of pictures, drawings and paintings. In summer, the cooler pergola in front of the Wine Bar is ideal for enjoying a few cosy hours.

An authentic and unmistakable place, where the cuisine will amaze you too: freshly prepared Alpine and Italian dishes can be found on the menu.

Schreckenstein Cellar

The new Schreckenstein Cellar presents itself in a modern and fresh way in the Schreckenstein manor dating from 1620. Designer furniture and lamps create a contrast to the old wood and the historic walls, behind which a fruit storage, wine cellar and Schnapps distillery were located in the 60's.

With the reconstruction, the Kössler Family employed gourmet chef Herbert Hintner, who is known everywhere throughout the country. Now, the awarded chef spoils guests with small creative dishes from South Tyrolean cuisine for lunch and dinner. Together with selected wines from local vineyards, they make up an amazing taste experience.

In autumn, the Schreckenstein Cellar awaits guests for traditional "Törggelen" events with roast chestnuts and local specialties.

Wine Bar Vis-à-Vis

Rarities, classics or new creations. Wine experts love to hunt for treasures in the Wine Bar of Martin Schwarzer. About 400 labels from all over the world are stored on the shelves. Wines from small South Tyrolean wineries who enjoy the personal attention of Martin Schwarzer, can also be found. He loves to pay local wine growers a personal visit now and again.

In the Wine Bar the wine experiences is completed by some delicious food. Regional delicacies are served with the wine. In the delicacies department you can purchase high-quality food like pasta, sauces, olive oil or balsamic vinegar for home.

S'Traminer Weinhaus

This part of the South Tyrolean Wine Road on the way to the wine village Termeno is surrounded by vineyards, which are home to the Gewürztraminer white wine. In the village centre behind the big stone grape, the Traminer Weinhaus has been selling wine and offering wine tastings for the past 25 years.

Used as a wine cellar until the 80's, now you can find selected wines from South Tyrol and the most popular Italian growing areas under the original wooden ceiling.

The Weinhaus manager Alfons Palma gained his in-depth expertise thanks to a year-long experience and with different expert courses. Thanks to his feeling for high-quality and exclusive products, in addition to a huge selection of wines, he also offers distillates and selected delicacies.

Wine Bar Weinschmiede

"Those who can enjoy, do not drink wine, but rather savour secrets", a saying from the famous painter Salvador Dalì. And Robert and Arthur know all about secrets. In their cosy Wine Bar in the heart of Caldaro, they store wines of the highest quality from local vineyards and renowned Italian wineries.

The charm of the wine village with its picturesque manors, old cellars and imposing inner courtyards amazes all visitors. Surrounded by the cheerful and relaxed southern lifestyle, the extroverted ambience of the Weinschmiede is a popular meeting place.

Wine Bar Gandolfi

Located on the southern edge of the city of Bolzano, this Wine Bar combines the best of what wineries from South Tyrol and other regions have to offer. And that is a lot. White wines, red wines, sparkling wine, Champagne. The hall-like room offers plenty of space for selected bottles.

There is also space for some tables, where you can enjoy small delights for lunch and dinner. Guests in a suit or in leisure time look order buffalo mozzarella with olive oil, smoked meat or grilled meat specialties. Simple, but with the highest pleasure factor.

Wine Bar Hofstätter

The Hofstätter Winery in Termeno in 2007 was one of the first to set a symbol of modern wine architecture - and the Wine Bar is one of the most beautiful in the region.

Clear lines are in contrast to the historic vault, discreet lights and colours underline the modern ambience. The wines are clearly displayed on modern shelves, useful accessories and other products like Grappa and honey complete the offer.

A surprise awaits visitors at the end of the artistic stairway. In the show garden you get to know more about Gewürztraminer wine or relax under the pergola and listen to the stories of the vineyard.

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