Even the Romans liked this area, where apples and wine are grown. Here you'll find the oldest winery association in Alto Adige.

The smallest independent community in Alto Adige lies between Bolzano and Merano. The wine village, with settlements dating back to Roman times, has about 1,000 inhabitants. The Adige River, the biggest river in Alto Adige, where trade ships used to navigate, provided a strategic advantage for the early conquerors.

The local wine growers soon acknowledged the advantageous position in the fertile valley basin, so some of them founded the eldest winery association in Alto Adige in 1893 in Andriano. On these nutritious soils, they mainly grow white wine on 33 hectares, while only 15 hectares are reserved for red wine.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, adventurous hikes in the nearby surroundings and cycling tours on the Adige cycling trail are possible from March at the beginning of apple blossom.

Wine cellar in Andriano

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