The more south you get, the more red wine growing areas you'll find. Especially in this village spoiled by the sun.

On the south and north entry to Bronzolo the Alto Adige red wines Cabernet, Merlot, Lagrein and Vernatsch find everything they need. Warm, sandy and stony soils cover the scree, on which the village was constructed.

The ideal prerequisites for the total of ... hectares of wine, which is grown here. ... hectares of the vineyards are dedicated to growing red wine and ... hectares to growing white wines.

Roman findings provide proof of the long tradition of this village as a fruit and wine growing area. Bronzolo at the Alto Adige Wine Road has about 2,800 inhabitants. With its historic architectural monuments like the stately Palais Thomsen and the late-Gothic church which are interesting sights to visit.

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