In no other place you are closer to the South than along the Alto Adige Wine Road. Salorno is worth a visit, even for this fact alone.

Located only a stone's throw from the regional border, German and Italian culture merge in Salorno. Here you do not only find a mix of languages, this fascinating symbiosis can also be noticed in the construction style.

Stately renaissance and baroque buildings characterise the most southern village of Alto Adige at the Chiusa di Salorno, a place which was visited by many celebrities, amongst a few Napoleon, Martin Luther and Albrecht Dürer.

It's almost certain, that they did enjoy Alto Adige wines from Salorno too while enjoying the view of Haderburg Castle located atop a limestone rock. About 480 hectares of vines are processed by wine farmers in this area. 428 hectares are reserved for white wines, and 51 hectares for red wines.

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