A loving family tradition characterises the village atmosphere, which you can experience during an excursion to the smallest village along the Alto Adige Wine Road.

Orchards and wineries surround the wine village of Cortina, which was constructed on a scree, which was left behind by the Adige River. A beautiful living space worth protecting, which now features eleven biotopes in order to preserve the original flora and fauna.

Cortina is said to be the village of house vines, which decorate many house façades. The house vines are planted on the occasion of the birth of the first child, when the farm is handed over to the next generation, or when a farm is newly constructed.

Wine is however not only grown to preserve the traditions or for own consumption: 70 hectares are at the disposal of the wine growers with 65 hectares reserved for white wines and 5 hectares for red wines.

Wine Experiences in Cortina

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