Wine and water. There is plenty of both in Caldaro. Caldaro Lake and Alto Adige Wine Road are closely connected to this village at the Alto Adige Wine Road.

The lake glitters in the morning sun awaiting the first bathing guests to spoil them with very comfortable water temperatures. The biggest and warmest bathing lake in the Alps provides a paradise for swimming, surfing and sailing from May.

At the lake shores, you see the vines enjoying the sun. The mild temperatures are especially good for Alto Adige wines from Caldaro. A total of 756 hectares, 399 hectares of white wine and 357 hectares red wine, are used for growing wine in Caldaro.

Life in Caldaro has been characterised by wine and wine-growing for centuries. Stately manors, old cellars and traditional wine growing families give proof of the living wine culture in this area. Different wine festivals, the Wine Museum, and the kilometres-long Wine Trail celebrate this local product.

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